Guest Access - link generation tool for Ultra Navigation

Blog Post created by smachaje on Jun 25, 2019

How important is guest access to your school?


After our Saas migration a strange thing has appeared.  Our system no longer allows guest access.  It appears, with Ultra navigation, this is by design to Original or Ultra courses.  The guest URLs now redirect to the login page instead of starting a guest session.  As a result, guests are unable to view guest allowed content.


This may be a bug related to article 000043671 or another issue, but for now we are given a workaround to modify guest URLs.  An example of a URL that should work as guest: 


The workaround calls for encoding the original url and adding it as new_loc in a new URL.… 


Notice action=guest_login and new_loc=...


Hopefully this will be resolved soon as most instructors expect guest content to be available via the same URL as logged in users.  However, for now we have a URL generator that will take your old URL and encode the URL to create a working link.



Guest Link App