UPDATE - 2/22: New Box View Rollback Complete

Blog Post created by vivek.ramgopal on Feb 22, 2019

Update: 2/22 - 7 PM ET


This is an update to our earlier communication regarding the planned rollback of New Box View to an earlier, stable release.  At this time, Box has informed us that the rollback is complete.  The Blackboard team has confirmed this.  We expect that this rollback has resolved the earlier issues reported and described here.  We are completing initial testing to validate resolution, and as always, if you find any issues have persisted, or if you have reason to believe there is a new issue, please let us know immediately using Behind the Blackboard.


Once again, we sincerely apologize for the disruption this release has caused.  We will be providing additional communication in the coming days about additional steps we will be taking with Box to help prevent future incidents from occurring.


Update: 2/22 - 6 PM ET

As we shared in our earlier communications on this topic, we’ve been in active communication with Box since these issues were reported.  Given the urgency of the situation, Box is prioritizing work to rollback to an earlier, stable release.  The Box team is assessing the details of this now, and based on their guidance, we expect this rollback to happen tonight, February 22nd, Eastern Time.


When the rollback completes, we will share another update to confirm the operation is complete.


Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue working to resolve these issues.