Results from Archiving and Removing Courses survey

Blog Post created by cp26209 on Nov 2, 2017

Happy Thursday Everyone!

A few weeks ago, I ran a quick survey to get some data about Archiving and Removing courses. I got a wonderful response. Thank you all so much!! I love my fellow Admins.

I pulled the data after 82 participants for my presentation. Currently, we have 85 responses.  The survey is still active, so you can participate if you did not get a chance: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfzy-YWry8wtsOELV1RVievwiJ8mmkkv9W9bvuY7sP7nAHLQw/viewform?usp=sf_link#responses


Several asked about sharing the results. Here they are from when I pulled them:


Survey of Blackboard Administrators N=82



Does your institution currently archive courses? N=80

  78.8% Yes

  13.8% No

  7.4% Other


If yes, when does your institution archive courses? N=69

  40.6% End of each semester (more than once a year)

  31.9% Once a year

  27.5% Other


Does your institution remove older courses from the system after archiving? N=76

  75% Yes

  15.8% No

  9.2% Other


If yes, when does you institution remove older courses? N=66

  30.3% End of each semester

  40.9% Once a year

  28.8% Other


How many academic years worth of courses do you currently keep active on your Blackboard system? N=79

  0% Current academic year only

  26.6% Current academic year + 1 previous year

  30.4% Current academic year + 2 previous years

  6.3% Current academic year + 3 previous years

  6.3% Current academic year + 4 previous years

  3.8% Current academic year + 5 previous years

  26.6% Other (examples: 2 semesters, Current academic year + 1 semester)


Does your faculty have direct or indirect access to the archive? N=73

  1.4% Direct Only – Faculty can access the storage location and download the archive files for restoring a course to access content, student work and grades

  83.6% Indirect Only – Faculty must request a course restore from the Blackboard Administrator to access content, student work and grades

  4.1% Both Direct and Indirect - Faculty can access the storage location to download the archive file for importing course content, but must request a course restore for access to student work and grades.

  10.9% Other


Do you see positive changes to your Blackboard System due to archiving/removing older courses? N=76

  42.1% Yes

  13.2% No

  30.3% Some

  14.4% Other (examples: not sure, have not implemented yet)




If you’d like a word doc with these results, with some of the open response answers, I have it posted here:



I hope you all have a great afternoon!

Thank you again.

Carolyn Ponce

Arkansas State University