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Click to view contentIs there any way to enable "Course Themes" but disable "Menu Styles" at the admin level so instructors can customize the theme, but not alter the menu style?  
Hello there   Just wondered if people use hierarchies to good effect and how they go about it? We have been toying with them but I am not sure they are 100% effective, the documentation on Blackboard seems a bit thin on the ground and I have asked for a bit more detail. I relate hierarchies to active directory, from mt IT days where you would… (Show more)
UPDATE : the new information gathering building block for SaaS migration will give you information about compatibility (cf James' comment below). Yay ! ****** As a lot of institutions are transitioning to SaaS, and testing their building blocks, I also see here and there references to alternatives and LTI versions of B2 (Building Blocks), so I…
Would it be possible to ask those using Blackboard Ultra, has there been any improve to the interface for Administering Institutional Hierarchy or is it as inspiring as it is in Original?     Particularity interested to see if the Node tree view still does not really render very well, if you have nodes with long names.
Click to view contentNeed some help  determining what the 'Internal" designation means under Data Source Key. I have this user in my system, but can't make this user unavailable. It has a full system administrator role. Thanks!
We manually archive courses one by one and I was wondering what other institutions do.  We archive a course, download it and then move the downloaded .zip file to a campus file server.  This happens each semester as we only keep one years worth of courses in Blackboard.    What is everyone else's process?
Hello and greetings from Austria!   I recently joined the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna as Blackboard adminstrator. We are currently looking for an audience response system and are considering using PollEverywhere as it is offering an LMS integration for Blackboard.   The problem is, Polleverywhere is using Email adresses as usernames… (Show more)
There are a few issues with the 2016 theme but the fixes are spread out in threads here and on various mailing lists which makes it hard for people moving to the 2016 theme to know where to start/what to prioritise so I thought it might be useful to try to collate them.   The way it works is you can use this thread for general discussion and to… (Show more)
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