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Hello, I would like to know what is the extent to which we can apply our institution's branding to Blackboard? Is it limited to modifying the login page, button colors and font? or is there something more we can do. Thanks!
Recently upgraded Blackboard to bblearn rlease 3200.0.4-rel.89+d3990d0. Now when instructors go to full grading -> needs grading and tries to view a submitted doc, pdf, or docx assignment, it only has an option to download, there's no inline view option. Please help. Thank you.  
Since the New Year, we are getting a growing number of support calls from admins and academics who cannot edit course material, or manage courses because the grey arrow which opens the edit menu is missing   The arrow goes missing in a variety of browsers, but Internet Explorer and Chrome are particular problems.  Changing browser or clearing… (Show more)
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Good morning people,     I need to export the question bank from my classes in PDF format so that our teachers can validate the questions, but I do not want at this moment that the teacher validates within the Blackboard, since they have more than one class with the same code and this It would hamper feedback later on which discipline was… (Show more)
We've recently encountered some issues with our larger courses (>200 students). When instructors access the grade centre, intermittently they are unable to do so, seeing an error message. Refreshing/reloading the grade centre does not help. Sometimes a change of browser will help, sometimes not. We are managed hosted, and Blackboard have… (Show more)
We have Content and Community licenses as well as Open DB. Can anyone tell me what database table/field the secondary system roles for a user are stored? (The USERS table only holds the primary system role.) Can these be manipulated using the SIS Integration Framework? It would sure be nice to manage users with special privileges without having to… (Show more)
Hello,   I've come into consideration to redo login page. Instead of using third-party login, I want to create a login page that automatically signs in through SSO. Since blackboard can only use 1 login.jsp, is there an alternative way for administrations/fac-in-training to use login?   Does anyone have similar login template with auto SSO sign… (Show more)
My institution is new to Turnitin, and on a number of occasions they've requested system admin access to our LMS, in order to troubleshoot a Turnitin-related problem (of which there have been more than I expected). So far, I have not given them that level of access. Do others give over system admin access? We don't really have a policy restricting… (Show more)
I have been tasked to find a way to integrate in Real time with our ERP system Banner by Ellucian. We are currently using the Ultra Interface not the Course View. I have been informed by Ellucian that ILP will not work with Ultra.  Are there any other solutions out there. We currently do not have the people to be able to develop our own API… (Show more)
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