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Hello   Are there anyone who has a good tutorial for Bb Administration?
Hello there   We have had issues where a student has had issues uploading to her journal tool, after some working with blackboard it was discovered that the issue was to do with the safe html policy, i had to adjust the max input size from 200000 to 300000 and because the student had done some extra work after the first fix, I have now updated… (Show more)
Hello,   We came across unique scenario where collaborate fails to connect to a session when using VDI and have the VMware Virtual Webcam software installed.   If this driver is installed and you have a camera plugged in and have chrome to "allow" the use of webcams, it works. If this driver is installed and you don't have a camera plugged in… (Show more)
Click to view contentAbout: Internet Explorer and Blackboard Learn don't play nice together. This article explains how to create a warning that will appear only for users who attempt to log in to your Blackboard environment using Internet Explorer.   What's the Problem? For the better part of my career as an LMS administrator, I've told anyone who would listen that… (Show more)
Click to view contentMain thread: Learn 2016 Theme - CSS gallery  Here is the current version of our theme, put together by myself and Sam Cole with help from the Blackboard community.  We put this together over two months having started from scratch with little knowledge of CSS.  You can find out more in our talk TLC Europe 2019 - "Bluffer's Guide to Customising the…
Blackboard Newbie here seeking wisdom from the Blackboard experts... I have a request from one of our end user groups and want to see if my idea for a solution is possible in Blackboard. I would like to create a space for specified users to access based on institutional roles. I know this is doable in blackboard but these user groups will need to… (Show more)
Article 000050118 says Blackboard Xythos is no longer being supported after December 31st 2019.  Are there any alternatives to Blackboard Drive?  A majority of our Faculty use Blackboard Drive to update their content in courses and this is not acceptable.   For… (Show more)
Hello!   We have several online courses that use MyOpenMath (MoM) as a homework management platform. An integration exists that allows MoM assignments to launch within Blackboard and for grades to be passed to the Grade Center. However, the due dates in MoM have never passed through to Blackboard. That issue appears to be fixed(ish) in the Q2… (Show more)
If someone deletes a course accidentally, and needs to restore it, how do I go about requesting a previous version of this course?  We are using SaaS Ultra.
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