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Is it possible in Learn to setup a course that doesn't require enrollment and all authenticated users will have access to?
The first rule of upgrade club is that everyone talks about upgrade club.   The purpose of this thread is for anyone doing an upgrade this year to check in, state what version/platform they are on now, and to what version they plan to upgrade.  Maybe we can find some useful common ground and exploit some synergies?   At Southampton it feels like… (Show more)
Hi All   I had not noticed any posts about this so far.  We were very surprised to find that the behaviour of "non-immediate" announcement emails has changed in 2018 Q2.   Today we installed 2018 Q2 on a dev server (self-hosted RHEL/Oracle) and as part of our post upgrade test we checked the announcement feature, both with "Send a copy of this… (Show more)
Hello,   As managed hosted, we just moved to Q2 2018 this night and the course content is not available (I have created a ticket in BTBB) but maybe someone here knows how to deal with such a situation : Here is the message we have when accessing all courses : "Warning: Course Link: Item is unavailable. The Instructor may require you to view… (Show more)
Hi,   We are planning on implmenting institutional hierarchies for the 2018/9 session. Our intention isto do as much as we can using feeds from our SIS. As i have been building things up, i seem to be struggling with assigning node administrators using the SIS integrations. Does anyone have any experience of doing that? I hope that makes sense.… (Show more)
Hi everyone   Hoping someone might be able to answer a query - we have a html page which is hosted off Blackboard for our library, which we currently link to from a top tab. When you click on the tab, it opens within Blackboard so we still have the Blackboard navigation at the top.   We're looking to move the link to a module on our… (Show more)
There are a few issues with the 2016 theme but the fixes are spread out in threads here and on various mailing lists which makes it hard for people moving to the 2016 theme to know where to start/what to prioritise so I thought it might be useful to try to collate them.   The way it works is you can use this thread for general discussion and to… (Show more)
This weekend I was prompted to update Java on my laptop. Following the update was an announcement about changes to licensing for Java. Details at Java Future Release Notices   No doubt, Blackboard will obtain an enterprise license to cover server operations, at least for Managed Hosting and SaaS. Will institutions who self-host have to license… (Show more)
It has been quite a while since I have messed with institutional role settings.  Basically, I want to prevent a role from accessing the institutional content collection.  These users will be enrolled in classes so I do need the ability for them to access the class/org content, but not at the institutional level.  Any help would be great!
Hello all When a notification is sent to an instructor (for new course or assignment submission) he gets a ling link with the end of url: disable_promiscuous_decodes=true see the attached image from email   Can you explain what this is and is it possible not to include in the the notification uri? Thank you
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