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Click to view contentDisclaimer: this is in no way derivative or inspired by other "Show us your ..." discussions created in the community. (I think original credit for these "show us your" discussions goes to Chris Boon from City College Norwich).   I am often asked if I have examples of what clients have done with the Institution page in Learn with the Ultra… (Show more)
We just recently moved from Ultra Based Navigation on SaaS.  By far, my favorite aspect of UBN is the new Institution page.  It's been a big hit with faculty and students at the college.  However, I haven't found a good way to collect analytics from the Institution Page.  I want to know what faculty, staff, and students are clicking on and how… (Show more)
Customized course role privileges for course copies   (first time posting, hoping I have selected the appropriate community location & category)   I am trying to set up a customized course role to limit our new instructors to only copying old course content into a new course. We don't want a new instructor to be able to modify anything in the… (Show more)
Click to view contentThe Quick Links button in the desktop ui brings up a menu showing page land marks that helps make navigation accessible.     The button seems to disappear when you are in the mobile theme.  I've tried playing with CSS to bring it back but have been unable to.  Has anyone found a way to make the quick links button appear in the mobile view.   … (Show more)
There are a few issues with the 2016 theme but the fixes are spread out in threads here and on various mailing lists which makes it hard for people moving to the 2016 theme to know where to start/what to prioritise so I thought it might be useful to try to collate them.   The way it works is you can use this thread for general discussion and to… (Show more)
Hi all   We currently use the 'Basic' Turnitin integration with Blackboard, and are moving to SAAS this summer. We plan to then move to Ultra as soon as possible, however our understanding is that to do so, means we must change to the Turnitin LTi integration.   We've tested this with our current Blackboard (9.1) on MH and SAAS, and the LTi… (Show more)
Hi there   I was just wondering if anyone was experiencing issues with downloading annotated work that has been marked using Box?     We've been experiencing various issues to do with downloading submitted files (not necessarily NBV annotated work) where we keep being thrown into Student Preview and are completely baffled by it.    If you're… (Show more)
Click to view contentHi everyone,   I want to provide the community an update on some upcoming mobile work related to grade/mark colour used in the Blackboard app.   Background: In the last few days some clients have contacted Blackboard with concerns that the colours assigned to grades/marks grade displayed in the Blackboard app do not correspond well to the UK… (Show more)
Hi all, we use SSO (Shibboleth is our IdP) and we're having some troubles in setting it up properly with url branding. In bb-properties file is set bbconfig.frontend.fullhostname= default platform url   Thus after SSO each user is redirected to the default hostname instead of the one that he/she typed. Do you know if there are workarounds for… (Show more)
We're moving from Managed Hosting to SaaS in July, and I'm currently going through the test migration process, and have been looking at our custom language pack.  We've made some small changes to the UK English language pack, and created a copy called City College English.  In the past, on SH and MH, I would make a new copy of the UK English… (Show more)
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