Blackboard Learn Development/Test Environments Available to Partners

Blog Post created by mkauffman on Apr 8, 2019

There are four options available for getting Learn Test/Development systems:


Option 1 - Shared SaaS Systems for partners. There are 4. 2 Ultra Nav, 2 Original. 2 on SaaS client-test. 2 on SaaS production. File a ticket on Behind the Blackboard. Request access to Shared SaaS Systems for Blackboard Partners. Good for LTI & REST development on the most current versions of Learn. One can also use these for testing of Building Blocks (B2s). Note that B2s cannot surface content in an Ultra course.


Option 2 - Your own private AMI instance of Learn. Good for REST & LTI. No B2s. You can choose Ultra or not. Follow the instructions on this page to set up an AMI.


Option 3 – The Developer Virtual Machine. Good for LTI, REST, & B2 development. Ultra is not available on these. Use the provided links to download a DVM. Runs on a developer’s local desktop. Good for REST, LTI, & B2s. No Ultra. Ultra is only available in SaaS and the AMI.


Option 4 – This option may have been mentioned in your welcome package. Your partnership license may include a Blackboard Learn Learn license. If it does, you can follow the instructions on our Help pages to install a self-hosted version of Learn using that license. Good for REST, LTI & B2s. No Ultra. Ultra is only available in SaaS and the AMI.