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Hi, we would like to see a simple inline polling tool in Blackboard for a variety of purposes, including: gauging student opinion gathering feedback facilitating voting and stimulating thought and debate We have developed a basic tool and are trialling it in Blackboard but it would be good to see this type of functionality rolled in as…
Bb Student currently supports 30 languages. Release Notes for Bb Student - Blackboard Help   Unfortunately according to the last section of Bb Student FAQs - Blackboard Help "The localization settings for Bb Student comes from your device's operating system. The settings for your school's Blackboard Learn system and course-level settings are…
Expanding on this idea: Add switch language functionality.     I would like to request enabling users to choose the functional language (button labels etc..) when in a Collaborate room.   There are 2 reasons for this:   1. Many of our students use school computers which the operating system and browser are, in this case, in Finnish. This…
One of our users has suggested including an ability in Learn to hide an item once an action has been completed.   They would like to include a notice telling students that an item is restricted until they have completed a test, after which the notice should be hidden.   Ideally this would be included in the Tasks tool.
The Full Grade Center when accessed using Safari doesn't show the scroll bar, in this way it's not possible to see all of columns.   When changed to screen reader view the columns appears small and the instructors can't use using an iPad per example.   This idea was created with the intention to better user experience and resolve this…
For color blind users, the student preview button is practically invisible because the icon is too light. Could the color be darkened somehow?
This would enable instructors to give permissions to add content (so basically give access to the top toolbar of a content zone in "edit mode on"). Those users wouldn't have access to the course management panel nor the grade center and other sensitive tools. The instructor would be able to give those edit rights either in a content area (left…
I am writing to submit a suggestion for future releases of Blackboard Learn with the Test tool. Exams are randomized to minimize cheating opportunities for students. I have an instructor who teaches Finance classes and many of his exams include a mix of questions which include multiple choice, short answer, and essay. He recently approached me…
In the Ultra experience Course list, when a student or teacher has several courses active the list becomes an almost endless scroll of death. I propose that Blackboard adds the option to minimize the Course "cards" so that they takes up less space. A rough mockup is attached to this post.
Hello Team(s),   First, let me say that I really appreciate Blackboard. It has, in many ways, been a great tool for not only “blended” and fully online courses, but for my in-person classrooms as well. I have enjoyed harnessing it in as many ways as possible.   In addition to many Blackboard assets, I remain stuck on some issues that I…
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