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Dear bb community currently it's not possible to make Collaborate calls via IP (H 323) with legacy devices/systems (Polycom, Tandberg, ...), wouldn't it be useful to develop it?   Thank you, Anna
My institution uses Enterprise Surveys to administer end of semester course evaluations. Faculty complain about the "Question Response Summary" pie chart in the survey results because it summarizes the results from ALL courses surveyed rather than the responses specific to the individual course. The labeling of the chart is misleading. Our faculty…
Currently, in Learn 9.1, a professor commenting on a student's Journal can only leave comments using a text editor. My faculty would like to have access to the full content editor, in order to include embedded items, hyperlinks, and formatting in their comments to students.
Dear Team, Greetings !!   This is to inform you that their is not such option in blackboard to categorize the term node wise in multi hosted environment. Right now the visibility as such cannot be restricted to a particular Institution hierarchy node, term feature will be displaying all the terms irrespective of institutions hosted by Bb on the…
There is a problem in the Jive system with Discussion Forums.  Discussions with many posts become unmanageable.  You can't find your own responses and you can't search them.  If we were able to "display all" then at least we could CTR+F the text.   Here is an example:   *** Upgrade Club 2017 ***   I posted a request…
We've heard from many Admins and Instructors that the Force Completion option on Tests causes as much confusion as added benefit. This would create a switch that allows Admins to disable Force Completion at the system level, so instructors would not be able to create Tests with this setting.
There have been a few cases in the past where teachers have requested the ability for their students to re-visit an attempt that was made in a test to update it based on new knowledge, rather than starting the test again from scratch. This allows them to review their question submissions and update them based on feedback provided by an advisor,…
There have been many instances for why a student's test was submitted through no fault of their own. Current options in Learn only include accepting submission as is and providing a new attempt through ignoring/clearing the previous attempt. May we see an option to allow an instructor the ability to re-open a test for a single student and…
I had an instructional designer approach me with a question yesterday regarding multiple attempts on tests or quizzes in Blackboard.  That is what has prompted this idea.   The idea is this: allow instructors to add a "cooling-off" period between attempts on a quiz or test.  This would be a time period designated by the instructor (15 minutes, 1…
Teachers are often involved in teaching multiple courses in a single teaching period and most often these are similar or connected topics. There are often cases where the same news or materials would be useful to more than one course. It would be great if some of the tools allowed the option to post a message or item to more than one course at the…
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