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in stead of just showing "Enabled: adaptive release", show a link that will open an info panel describing the adaptive release rules applied to a content item. in the adaptive release advanced overview, do the same thing, show inline (flyout?) panels that describe adaptive release rules/rule sets.
Allow users to re-use rules that were set previously on other content items. When setting a new rule, a user can choose from a list of previously defined rules and can choose to "link" or "copy" the rule.
The Test tool in Bb Learn haven´t developed since many years. No roadmap for the Test tool have been presented the latest year at the Bb-conferences.   I propose that it would be good if the Instructor/Examinator can produce online test more easy from existing course material - this direct in Bb at when you create the Test and digital questions.…
I know that organizations are coming to Bb Student soon in the next release.            Where can I find the release notes for Blackboard Student app? The following link did not help. Feature Guide for the Blackboard App | Blackboard Help
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Hello All,   Our university currently houses multiple affiliates on the same production server. We manage our courses and their courses using node structures within the institutional hierarchy. It recently came to our attention that one of our affiliates was trying to implement Achievements in some of their courses, but while doing so, they…
Currently there is a known issue (000034219) that causes a test that is unavailable, yet has an availability date exception on it, to show up to the instructor as available. This is very confusing. Such tests should have a message below the test title indicating that the test is unavailable but there is an active availability exception. This is…
We have had faculty requests for access to safe assign from the discussion board area due to the submission of plagarized content. We understand the discussion are academic spaces to share ideas and opinions. However, some professors use the discussion forum to informally access student understanding of content and also a space to share papers and…
With the new Box view marking interface some features that were in Crocodoc will not be available, in particular:   - students / staff will not be able to download a PDF of the annotated document, they can only download the original submission  (useful for providing an independent record of feedback) - staff will not be able to use the same…
A number of faculty use just-in-time teaching methodology at our institution. They are starting to use Blackboard to distribute pre-class surveys, but need to be able to see who wrote what. One feature that would be immensely help is an ability to display a student's name next to their answer for short answer questions when viewing Attempts…
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