• Automate Custom Emails in Retention Center

    Retention Center (RC) allows instructors to send emails to at-risk students as well as commend high performers. Wouldn't it be great if: (A) RC mails can automatically address each student (by name), without requirin...
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  • Grade Center View in 2016 Theme is too large

    Having moved from the 2012 theme to the 2016 theme, our teachers/instructors are frustrated with the grade center view, especially when they are using external monitors. On a 22 in screen, the 2012 theme displayed 10...
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  • Image Library in Bb

    Our institution would like to see an Image Library tool inside each Bb course that allows the instructor to upload images relating to specific topics and sub-topics instructed in the course. Images would include diagr...
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  • From the Blackboard Designer: If I could search in my gradebook, I would search for...

    Hello, Teaching and Learning Community! If you have a moment, could you please participate in our quick user research? Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help shape the Learn Ultra product.
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