SafeAssign AWS Migration Delayed

Blog Post created by tb32012 on Mar 7, 2018

The planned SafeAssign migration to AWS recently announced for March 8th, and covered in my blog post last week, has been delayed.


The SafeAssign Team has been preparing for this migration for around 12 months. Due to the size of the SafeAssign database, the plan for migrating data was based on an iterative approach which would limit downtime to a few hours. During the 12 months of planning both test migrations and a migration of the SafeAssign Staging environment were completed.  Originally, these tests were thought to be successful, which led to our plan to complete the migration on March 8th.


When finalizing the migration activities of the SafeAssign production environment, we discovered a risk for issues regarding concurrency and data table inaccuracies, which could cause data corruption or loss for student submissions after the migration. This was not apparent during test and staging migrations and not something the team could easily correct before the March 8th migration.


Given the potential data loss and corruption we are postponing the AWS migration scheduled for March 8th until solutions for the identified problems can be resolved.  We will publish a new bulletin when we have a new migration date.


We understand that our administrator partners have notified end-users of the disruption and we apologize for the last-minute postponement of the migration.