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Thank you for engaging in the recent round of voting on ideas for the Original course experience. Voting was open for three weeks and you collectively cast over 900 votes! I love seeing the increased participation in views, comments, and new ideas you’ve been creating. As we speak, we are working with our Developers and Designers on a handful of the top-voted ideas to familiarize them with your needs and determine what we can prioritize for the Q4 2017 release. Once we have that list finalized, I’ll be reaching out to the community members who voted for those ideas to talk about how the feature will be developed and what you can expect to see within the product. Please see below for a full list of the ideas we opened for voting and the vote totals for each. We will continue building on this momentum with a round of voting for Ultra course ideas leading up to BbWorld. As we continue to develop Ultra, we welcome your feedback and ideas to directly impact included features and capabilities. Thank you again for participating in this exercise and in the community overall. Your input has a direct impact on our roadmap and we are committed to building innovative, integrated, and relevant solutions that enable you continue delivering quality educational experiences for your users.