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Beta Phase Ideation:

Within the next few weeks, we will open up Idea submission to you, the users! You will be able to create ideas, provide descriptions, add images or videos to illustrate, add categories to your idea based on the product, and even @mention other users or posted ideas that give further context to your brilliant idea (see Using @mention or Creating @mentions to learn more).


For the beta phase, we will be asking for your feedback in our Ideas space. Think of this as a Suggestion Box that will be reviewed and triaged by your Blackboard Product Managers. Once you hit submit, it will go into our moderation queue where our Product Managers will review your idea and compare it with ideas that other users have submitted to try to avoid duplicates. Once a Product Manager has read your idea, asked for any clarification that may be needed, and is ready for the Community to view and discuss it, we'll move it to the "First Submission" stage. This is the initial feedback stage and will allow other members to view and comment on your idea. Voting is not active in this stage.




Periodically, we will move ideas to the 'Active' stage -- this is where we want your vote. Voting an idea up or down will add or subtract 5 points. Vote on as many ideas in the Active stage as you wish. You can also continue to add your feedback in the comments section. We expect that ideas that are moved to Active will be open to voting for a specified time period. When a voting period ends, ideas will be moved to one of many different stages (i.e., In Progress, Under Review, etc.) based on your feedback, votes, and our current expectations or plans for that idea.


Do you have any questions or concerns? We would love to hear your ideas about ideas in the comments to this blog. We are excited to see what you and your community of Blackboard users will submit!