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This would provide an option to make assessments available offline for students in the form of a PDF to download and/or print.
With some instructors making multiple course copies each semester, some of our courses' Tests, Surveys, and Pools areas have expanded beyond 1000 tests, which is not good for our database. Right now, the only way to delete these excessive tests, is a 3-click process for each individual test (downward chevron > Delete > OK), which is not an…
There is in no place in a course for instructors to put private notes about anything; like, for example, the updates they wish to make for the next semester, or any to-do's or not-to-do's as they experience their course! Faculty gather notes outside the course in places like Google Docs or Word Docs that are not attached to the course and they…
I manage several large enrollment lab courses that each have multiple sections.  I reuse course materials from semester to semester.  There are many reasons to have Blackboard Learn pages for each section of these lab courses (others make sense to join sections into one Bb page...).  Date Management tool makes changing day of week tasks so…
Allow faculty to upload questions from Word document, Google Drive, XLS, CSV, or Content Collection. They would automatically format in the appropriate question type and populate the assessment.
This is a known issue and we expect Blackboard to fix it. Thank you.   When admin enable the Cengage Mindlinks tools in tool availability the trademark symbol (™) is not getting displayed within the course tools instead we see the HTML code ™.
With this addition, an Instructor or Instructional Designer could browse a library of assessment templates. Tags would allow for easy sorting and filtering based on question type, courses for which the template works best, and other descriptors.
Now if we go to course,go to the Grade Assignment page,we use 'Draw‘ ,and the line color is black.   1.Our client hope that they can change the color of the line in future. 2.Our client hope to add some small stamps in the future to make it easier to review the assignments. Please see the screenshot below. Thanks for your help.
Please, please, please provide the ability for a student to search within a course for content based on keyword.  This seems fundamental, but it's been missing from Learn since its conception.
This idea is related to the fact that some SAML Auth Providers have multi-account capabilities (e.g. Google Suite). Let me put it in an scenario. We have the 'user1' that has both institutional and personal email. Institutional email: Personal email: 'user1' is logged with the personal account and then…
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