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Courses are designed by instructors or instructional designers to include various content (files, assessments, etc.) and there is often a desire to easily find and re-use this content from different courses to which one has access.  This capability will provide an ability for an instructor to copy content from one of their courses to another, and…
Hi Bb and other customer,   This is requested on behalf of existing Bb Learn customer.   In Bb Learn Original course, its Content Editor is so powerful to make the content item look nice. Especially it contains function called "HTML Code View" to insert HTML code directly.   However in Ultra course, currently course instructor can put very…
This modification would allow the instructional designer to pre-set the default fomatting options.  As with Microsoft Word, the end user is able to set defaults for typeface, point size, line spacing, margins, etc. The need for this ability comes from extensive eye strain from the defaults currently in the content editor: Arial 3 (12 pt), color…
Hi   Our instructor frequently assigned group in course. by the way one instructor want to assign group fixed during the semester. but we can't fix group during the semester.   Instructor have to assign group again. It is very inconvenience. some of Instructors want to fix the group during the semester.
Why can't I email a selection of groups rather than one at a time? Sometimes I don't want to email the whole class. I just want to email 2 or 3 groups. Exporting groups doesn't work.
Sometimes you're making global adjustments to grades. E.g. Test was too hard so you're bumping up the whole class. Right now you'd have to do that individually. Why not allow grade center to be "checked out" and become a Google sheet so you can do spreadsheet operations to your grades and then get checked back in.   To ensure someone doesn't…
When a student submits an assignment in Blackboard Learn 9.1, a confirmation number displays at the top of the Review Submission History page and an email notification is sent to the student with the confirmation number and details. I would like to see this functionality included in the Blackboard App for students. Currently, if a students submits…
It would be nice if there was an option that made it possible to select and copy text from shared powerpoints and PDFs in Collaborate Ultra
We've heard from many Admins and Instructors that the Force Completion option on Tests causes as much confusion as added benefit. This would create a switch that allows Admins to disable Force Completion at the system level, so instructors would not be able to create Tests with this setting.
I understand that one of the key selling points of Ultra is responsive design, which means the "interface adjusts to fit on any computer, tablet, or smartphone".   At this point, I realised that the conditional availability in Learn Ultra course view is limited to: 1) date/time; and 2) performance. Thus, the Mark Reviewed function is not…
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