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We noticed that when using a screen reader that the icons for exams have alt-text. In fact it seems that most of the icons under the Content area have alt-text. Since these are a visual decoration only it would make more sense for them to be hidden from screen readers. This would make the audible experience cleaner and less cluttered. We'd like to…
When grading assignments with multiple attempts in the Needs Grading area, it would be helpful to be able to view all attempts by the student in order to grade based on all information submitted.  In addition, instructors would like to see the notes from the initial attempt so they can be considered before grading the next attempt.    We…
Currently, if an instructor selects the Attendance tool, the default behavior is to automatically generate a "Today" entry for the current date. Sometimes an instructor may just want to review existing data and not create a new entry. It would be better if the default entry point for the Attendance tool was actually the "Overall" view with an easy…
Working the help desk we get about a dozen or so inquiries per semester from students that cannot locate their test submissions review from the My Grades area because they are not aware that the score itself is a hyper-link to the exam questions review. The steps are ordinarily as follows... 1) Login as the student. 2) Click My Grades. 3)…
In old Blackboard, I could see when students were typing. This is really useful when you're waiting on someone to answer or to see if people are engaging but their long message just hasn't appeared yet. It helps me wait on a slide a bit longer instead of thinking no one is responding. It's the one omission that I miss more than anything in the new…
I just wanted to share our solution to course completion certificates outside of the Bb Achievements feature.  We developed a SCORM package with an image of our standard course completion certificate in the background.  The date, student name and username will automatically populate.  It also automatically executes the print feature.  Once the…
Instructor requests that the Grade Test page displays student Given Answer in a style that is easier to identify rather than all text in the same format. The instructor uses mostly Short Answer questions and feels the Given Answer and the Correct Answer are not clearly identified. Possibly bold, or in a highlighted area.
Last week we had an email avalanche when a teacher sent an email by a personal learning desiger rule. The idea was to send a personalized email to every student. The rule was simple: send an email at a specific date and time. The email contained the token ((student_firstname)) and was sent to all users in the course with the role student.… (Show more)
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We do not want to promt our users with a "Data and Privacy Statement" so we have not enabled this page:   In spite of that our users see Privacy and Terms of Use in their profile.   We did not expect that to happened. We do not want to show this. In our opinion/ …
This idea would provide a dashboard that allows instructors to view student performance, as individuals or as a class, at both the assessment and course level. The data would be able to be exported to share with others or apply your own independent analysis.
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