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When copying courses, the list of Grade Center Categories can grow through duplication. The Categories list currently does not restrict the names to be unique, resulting in instructors' confusion and frustration when they see multiple entries on a Category-selection menu. The programming that controls the list of Categories needs to be fixed to…
"How am I doing" prompts are causing confusions to students.  Our teachers would like the option to manually enable/disable it for their students.
I think that it would be great to let users click on their webcam view for enlarging it (as happens in other videoconf systems). This may be useful for properly adjusting the position of the webcam: now it is very painful to do it.  
In the Q4 2017 v3300 release, there is a new feature introduced that makes a course's availability visible to the instructor or admin through a padlock icon that appears next to the "Edit Mode" icon. In my testing, I have found that this icon appears only on a course's module page. Client Support has confirmed this is how the tool was designed to…
We would like to be able to load OTHERNAME as part of our SiS dataload.   Once the data is loaded we would then like to have it show up as a Preferred user First name
Please provide support for ALL tools in the Mobile Apps. Please start by adding support for Blogs and Journals in the mobile app for students and faculty. Our students are frustrated with going from the app on their phone to their computer back to the phone back to the computer and back to the phone, etc.   If the support was added in the app for…
It would be greate if we could be able to customise the content editor to hide or show buttons for our end users. We would like to move a specific mashup tool out of the mashup drop-down to be better showcased, like this:
As explained in New announcement email behaviour in 2018 Q2  the behaviour of individual announcement notification emails has been changed without consultation nor communication.  This undisclosed functionality change means that when an announcement notification email is sent it does not include the text of the body of the announcement and…
Hi, we have situations in which there are several people connected to a Collab Ultra call that have joined anonymously via phone. They are listed with their last four digits of their phone number.   It would be great if the owner of the session (or also moderator) can change their view name to something meaningful. In this case, after one…
I'd like to see the possibility to automatically create Groups & group memberships via the SIS Integration framework. We teach courses with 1000+ students and our instructors are currently having to manually set up the tutor groups in Bb.
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