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Currently, Bb requires users to copy discussion boards into groups on a group-by-group basis. Put simply, the dialogue does not seem to allow users to select all or multiple groups as is typical in other applications.   The existing process is both repetitive and time-consuming. Moreover, it creates opportunities for user error.   The change I…
It would be helpful to have the ability to change the permissions for a test depending on the student. I know you can copy the assignment and change who has access, but it would be helpful to be able to assign multiple groups to an assignment with different permissions at one time.
My majorly awesome idea for the blackboard website (ie tool for Educators who make tests and quizzes in it..) Do not allow a student to click Submit at the end of a test or quiz if they've accidentally left questions unanswered! Very simple to have an html dialog prompt the user a reminder. --Peter in San Diego CA USA. Btw ps. At the link below…
Bb Q2 2017 displays 5 decimals in a calculated column. The instructor should be allowed to adjust the number of displayed decimals and it should default to 2.
It would be fantastic to be able to re enable disabled enrollments/courses/accounts through the Gui instead of through SIS. We have a ton of one off instances where we need to re enable these types of situations.   We are on Ultra however this would be good for both expirences.
It would be great if an instructor could select the file types he/she would like to receive as an assignment submission and have Blackboard reject types that the instructor does not want.
Mariann Hawken
In an Original test, instructors can set the date for when test answers appear to students and how those answers are revealed, if at all. Instructors use this setting to prevent students from viewing results until all tests are graded.     Ultra tests with certain question types (e.g., multiple choice, T/F, etc.) are graded automatically and…
Mariann Hawken
Faculty request - the instructors would like to easily/quickly copy a calculated column into another course that's also using the same grading structure. In this use case, the calculate column consists of several complicated elements and variables, which cannot be copied/pasted to a calculated column in another course.
In the Original course view, Grade Center, weighted grade, when using categories, you could easily set a specified number of assignments in that category could be dropped from the calculation, either the highest or lowest scores. We'd like to see this functionality in the Ultra Gradebook.   (I imagine that it could be in the Overall Grade, or…
In original rubrics there was the ability to enter feedback at the criterion level. This function is missing from Ultra but is essential where percentage range rubrics are used. There is a need for instructors to justify and explain to the students why they have achieved the percentage awarded and the description of the criterion alone is not…
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