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Hello,   We are a training provider delivering online training courses to students worldwide.  We are currently using BlackBoard Collaborate Ultra through our Learning Management System - Moodle. Students and instructors log into Moodle and access Ultra for their live webinars. We are able to create a report from Ultra advising us who attended…
Enrollment cap on courses. We'd like to see a way to set an enrollment cap on any given course so that enrollments can't go above a certain number. This will help us to manage our accounts where clients are contracted a specific number of seats/students in any particular course. Suggested to have a way to set student/seat number in any given…
I think it is possible to encourage safer browsing habits and give students a better experience in Blackboard by encouraging them to use up to date and supported browsers instead of outdated and insecure browsers. Our helpdesk team handles about 10 calls a day where a student gets stuck in a post or a quiz because the student is using internet…
The downloaded gradebook of the courses is named with the course ID and the date it was downloaded, nevertheless, since the course ID is not easy to remember the staff usually changes the name of the file to something more intelligeble like the course name, but since they do this mannually is prone to error, therefore I propose to add the course…
Tool: BB Collaborate Ultra -> Share Blank Whiteboard   The button with the rubber eraser icon in the whiteboard is very misleading.   The expectation of any user is that such a button can delete only a selected area, but when the button is pressed the entire drawing area is erased, without even asking for confirmation nor specifying that the…
As explained in New announcement email behaviour in 2018 Q2  the behaviour of individual announcement notification emails has been changed without consultation nor communication.  This undisclosed functionality change means that when an announcement notification email is sent it does not include the text of the body of the announcement and…
When downloading the Grade Center from a course in Learn, all values are contained within quotes. This can cause some issues with recognizing numeric values and, instead, they will be seen as text. Please remove the quotes from numeric values to help avoid this issue.
Add an option for users to display the time within Blackboard Learn as a 24 hour clock.
Currently, the interval at which students' responses are automatically saved while they are taking tests is fixed (at a few seconds) and cannot be changed. Unfortunately, this has a negative effect when students are answering essay questions, as the spell-checker is reset every time a save occurs, and has to scan the text again from scratch. This…
Easy export of blogs, including feedback, anonymously so that they can be marked and moderated without knowing the identity of the student.
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