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Hello,   I've noticed some deprecated material that has carried over year to year from an old template we used to use.   I'd like to see some sort of tool that would allow for batch removal of a course content area (or any sort of link, etc listed directly in the content area) from all courses site wide, assuming the content area matches all…
Most of our instructors have separate due dates within a given module for a student's "initial post" to a discussion and a their replies to peers. This is good practice for encouraging an active discussion board. However, they can only assign one due date to a discussion - meaning that students only see the final deadline/due date for the…
At present it is possible for any instructor to use Ally to by-pass file permissions in the institutional content area.  The scenario is: There is a file in the institutional content area which the user does not have write access to. This is linked to a course space, like all files Ally will run its accessibility checker over it and generate a…
We had a case where an instructor had created a folder and then added content within the folder description including attachments.  These do not display at all within the mobile app, so we had reports that "some students cannot see my content on their phones".   While it is bad practice to add the content in the way the instructor had we are…
Goal Reports currently have a 100 character limit when viewing the Goal reports in Blackboard.  We would like to see the ability to retain the 100 character limit when viewing while being able to see the entire description when downloading the Goal reports?
We would like to be able to disable this feature ourselves or have it unchecked by default. Our teachers are complaining about this.  
This idea would provide a guided approach to setting up the overall course grade. Instructors could drag and drop to rank priorities such as homework, attendance, and assessments. It could also provide suggestions on how to weight those categories based on what is important to the instructor.
This idea would provide a dashboard that allows instructors to view student performance, as individuals or as a class, at both the assessment and course level. The data would be able to be exported to share with others or apply your own independent analysis.
Hi Bb and other customer,   This is requested on behalf of existing Bb Learn customer.   In Bb Learn Original course, its Content Editor is so powerful to make the content item look nice. Especially it contains function called "HTML Code View" to insert HTML code directly.   However in Ultra course, currently course instructor can put very…
Grading schemas are now a bit clunky and only accept percentages to determine grade levels.  Many instructors don't have the time or interest in playing with the percentages.  They want a score of 12 out of 12 to be an A, a score of 11 out of 12 to be A- and so on.  Couldn't BB make the grading schema a bit easier to use?  You could even have…
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