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Hi Bb and other customer,   This is requested on behalf of existing Bb Learn customer.   In Bb Learn Original course, its Content Editor is so powerful to make the content item look nice. Especially it contains function called "HTML Code View" to insert HTML code directly.   However in Ultra course, currently course instructor can put very…
The system will now display grades to students in different colors according to Assign Grades | Blackboard Help.   This sometimes creates confusions to students in some courses and generate a lot of questions, course instructors and TAs would like to have the ability to change the grade pill colors (e.g. change all to BLACK).
Now when we go to 'assignment file download'page and Select files to download,we can only download assignments without annotated. We need batch download of inline graded assignments (i.e. with all our markings, comments) for archiving and accreditation purposes.
This would provide an option to make assessments available offline for students in the form of a PDF to download and/or print.
Allow faculty to upload questions from Word document, Google Drive, XLS, CSV, or Content Collection. They would automatically format in the appropriate question type and populate the assessment.
Teachers love the ability to create recurring session in Black Board Ultra. We use the LTI integration in Moodle. Students, however, do not love how many clicks it takes to get into the session.    In a Moodle course students have to do the following to enter a currently running session (that is reoccurring): 1. Click on the BBC LTI link to…
My idea is a simple one. Its just to add and extra field in authentication logs to show what browser the user has used to login. We could use this to determine if they are using Safari or Internet Explorer when they are ringing up with issues. I was trying to resolve an issue where a user was adamant that he was using Chrome on his Mac, then 5…
Hello,  when assigning students to groups or viewing group membership in Ultra courses, the students seem to be displayed in a completely random order. This is the case both in course groups and assignment/discussion groups.    It would make it much easier for staff to manage group enrolments if the students were listed in alphabetical order (by…
This idea would provide a dashboard that allows instructors to view student performance, as individuals or as a class, at both the assessment and course level. The data would be able to be exported to share with others or apply your own independent analysis.
Currently in Ultra, when an assignment is unavailable students cannot view the graded feedback.   In Original course view, students always had access to graded feedback, regardless of if the assignment was available/unavailable.   As it currently stands, if you have a conditional availability on a graded assignment, then students cannot see the…
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