Thank you to our Exemplary Course Program reviewers!

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This is a special shout out to our volunteer course reviewers who dedicate their personal time, course design expertise, and much effort to review the courses that are submitted to our Exemplary Course Program (ECP)!


Information about the course review process

Three reviewers are assigned to each course submitted to the program.

Reviewers use the attached ECP Rubric to guide their course reviews in the sections of Course Design, Interaction and Collaboration, Assessment, and Learner Support. They assign a numeric score from 0-6 for the 17 total sub-categories within the four major sections listed above, and these scores align with the levels of mastery as follows: Exemplary (5-6), Accomplished (3-4), Promising (2), Incomplete (1), and Not Evident (0). Reviews are typically finished within 6-8 weeks, depending on reviewers' availability.


For their time and efforts, course reviewers are given a Certificate of Participation and an e-Badge, along with recognition in the Blackboard Community.


Thank you, to our 2H 2016 and 1H 2017 course reviewers!

  • Amber Parker
  • Ann Lindbloom
  • Art Schneiderheinze
  • Bonnie Solivan
  • Brian Chen
  • Briana Keith
  • Carol Hernandez
  • Catherine Barber
  • Catherine Wilkerson
  • Charlotte Cox
  • Cheryl Brindle
  • Cindra Phillips
  • Cindy Castaldi
  • Claudia Arcolin
  • Claudia Rocio Puentes Mendoza
  • Connie Mack
  • Cyndi Castro
  • Darlene Smucny
  • David Ehrlich
  • Faith Jelley
  • Febreu Holston
  • Hong Shaddy
  • Ildifonso Carrillo
  • Jacinth Coultman
  • Jackie Hughes
  • Jennifer Servi-Roberts
  • Karen Garcia
  • Kari Cellini
  • Keyonda Smith
  • Letitia Andrews
  • Linda Wareck
  • Lisa Albert
  • Mark Ihnat
  • Monifa Colthurst
  • Nathalie Molina
  • Neil Taylor
  • Paula Miller
  • Peter Diede
  • Rhonda Hudson
  • Robert McCunney
  • Shane Strup
  • Stephanie Richter
  • Theresa Sommer
  • Tony Clark
  • Tony Walters
  • Vaishali Patel
  • Vanessa Rodriguez


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