Post BbWorld Thoughts: Relaunched ECP

Blog Post created by on Jul 28, 2015

Hello all!

I'll start by introducing myself: my name is Carey Smouse and I am one year in to my position as a Customer Success Advocate on our east coast Customer Success team. four students studying together on the grassPrior to my work at Blackboard, I was an instructional designer, part-time GUI admin, and faculty/student support provider (I'm sure many of you can relate to the wearing-of-multiple-hats!) at a Blackboard client institution in Alabama. I've joined Lauren, Deb, and team in helping with the ECP relaunch largely because of how much I personally valued the program as a client. I have served as a reviewer (best free professional development activity I participated in!) and helped faculty submit courses for review. I guess I consider myself an "ECP Evangelist"; I love to share with clients who aren't familiar with the rubric or the program.


At BbWorld, I had a chance to talk with many clients about the program - at a pre-conference workshop I facilitated with colleagues Lisa Capan and Misty Cobb, in a general session with Deb Everhart and award-winning clients Matt Acevado and Torria Davis, and in passing/in meetings with clients. In general, feedback was great and I think we're all pretty excited about having this program available again. We still have a number of Blackboard users unfamiliar with the ECP Rubric - go ahead and share it with your colleagues! Know, too, that your Customer Success team is available and willing to help you introduce the program and the rubric at your institutions. If you're not sure who your Customer Success Advocate is (or if you have one), please let me know and I'll help you get connected.


I know those of us at Blackboard are interested in hearing from you! What do you think about the year-round submission and review process? What is still unclear? What resources could we provide to make this program of more value to you and your institution? Let us know!