• Rate limit for API calls per hour or second

    Hi Folks, I understand that there is a rate limit for API calls, which is 10K per 24 hours. Do we have any rate limit for an hour or a second? Is there a scenario when the API requests exceed a number(50) per second f...
    created by kh32344
  • Is there REST API access to the  Accomodations flag in Learn Ultra?

    In Learn Ultra Courses, is there REST API access to the  Accomodations flag? Can't see it, but that doesn't mean it's not there... 
    created by re31640
  • create/update passwords in md5

    When creating or updating user information through the REST API, it would be desirable to indicate that the password is encrypted in md5 or in plain text, since in our case the password is not available in bd, only to...
    created by upaepsop
  • Managing REST Integrations in Learn: The REST Integrations Tool for System Administrators

    Learn REST Integrations Tool for System Administrators   Overview of the REST API Integrations Tool Create an Integration Managing your REST Integration Edit a REST Integration Running an In...
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  • Getting Started With REST

    Get Started with REST   Blackboard offers a suite of education technology tools, both software and hardware. REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It is a lightweight, flexible web service architect...
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  • Developer Groups, Site Quotas, and Rate Limits

    In This Document   Overview Developer Groups Production Groups Site Quotas Rate Limits Increasing Site Quota and Rate Limits   Overview   With the Blackboard Develo...
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  • Register as a Developer and Manage Your Applications with the Developer Portal

    What's in the Box? The Blackboard developer portal is located at https://developer.blackboard.com. There, you can: Sign up for a Developer Account Read API Reference Documentation Register a REST Applica...
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  • Manage User avatar

    Open for voting
    17 votes
    It would extremely useful in order to integrate with other institutional image sources to be able of making post and patch requests with the user's avatar image. Now, if the institution wants to have control over the ...
    Alberto Ruiz
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  • Bookmarklet To Help Map Entitlements to Permissions

    One of the most difficult aspects to using the REST API is mapping the entitlements in the swagger documentation at developer.blackboard.com to the permissions available in the UI for creating a system role. Using thi...
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  • REST Demo Using cURL

    Introduction Assumptions Walkthrough Authorization and Authentication OAuth2 Basic (Two Legged) OAuth2 (Three Legged) - 3LO Calling Services COMMON ERROR: You used 3LO to get an Access Token. Y...
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  • Three-Legged OAuth

    One of the drawbacks associated with Basic Authentication is that the application requires broad access, as the tool is acting as a system-level user and enacting for the user. Three-legged OAuth (3LO) allows an appli...
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  • Populating Blackboard groups using REST

    I have a few requests for automatically adding users to groups on Blackboard courses. Examples are:   1) Faculties are setting up “hub” courses on Blackboard to share resources with students in a fac...
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  • Is there a newsletter for developers?

    I was wondering if there is a newsletter or REST API updates/ change log email, etc that I can subscribe to get alerts when changes are made to the API? I just realized there are many deprecated endpoints with the API...
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  • Update grade center column value

    I am trying to update a grade center column with the following endpoint: PATCH /learn/api/public/v2/courses/{courseId}/gradebook/columns/{columnId}/users/{userId}   I'm passing the pk1 values for courseId, col...
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  • How do I map REST API entitlements to UI privileges?

    I'm trying to do something that should be simple.  I'm trying to get a list of courses with a 'created' date for each course.  The problem I'm running into is I'm trying to do this with a user that's not a s...
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  • Blackboard Markup Language - BbML

    Overview BbML specification - version 1 Examples Uploaded files File Type Documentation    Overview BbML is a subset of HTML. The parameters of some methods accept BbML-formatted text. F...
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  • Get Group Memberships: add option to return user name

    Under review
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    So far as I can tell (I'm using V1 of the API on 2018 Q4 and V2 is only supported on 2019 Q2+) when you use  GET /learn/api/public/v1/courses/{courseId}/groups/{groupId}/users it will only return the batch id. &...
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  • REST API / Data Integrations - allow security restriction by ip / range similar to Web Services

    Open for voting
    2 votes
    Thanks Ian! See REST API / Data Integrations - allow security restriction by ip / range similar to Web Services  for details. Vote here! +1 there.
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  • /WhoAmI

    How do I get the user id with REST please?  Is there a REST API location for us to hit which would indicate which user id is logged in please? I'm struggling to pull the logged in user's id from any of the API ca...
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  • REST endpoint for Course Archive

    Open for voting
    29 votes
    It would be great for automated backup, storage optimization and migrations.   It could be also interesting a course export/import for content distribution.
    Alberto Ruiz
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