• Is there a newsletter for developers?

    I was wondering if there is a newsletter or REST API updates/ change log email, etc that I can subscribe to get alerts when changes are made to the API? I just realized there are many deprecated endpoints with the API...
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  • Update grade center column value

    I am trying to update a grade center column with the following endpoint: PATCH /learn/api/public/v2/courses/{courseId}/gradebook/columns/{columnId}/users/{userId}   I'm passing the pk1 values for courseId, col...
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  • How do I map REST API entitlements to UI privileges?

    I'm trying to do something that should be simple.  I'm trying to get a list of courses with a 'created' date for each course.  The problem I'm running into is I'm trying to do this with a user that's not a s...
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  • Creating an attempt on a column without associated content

    Hi,   Recently we are facing some issues with the Attempts API. In particular, we the API allows to create a new column not associated with any course content (actually, the "contentId" field is ready only), usi...
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  • Trying to access guests and created through courses?courseId

    REST API Question -    I'm trying to access allowGuests (boolean, optional): Whether guests (users with the role guest) are allowed access to the course. Defaults to true. ,   and    creat...
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  • Create new attempt in LTI content

    When you create a new gradable LTI content and you mark it as a gradable item, it creates a new Gradebook column. This gradebook column is not accessible from the LTI Advantage tool provider using the Assignments and ...
    Alberto Ruiz
    created by Alberto Ruiz
  • How can I create HTML Objects with the REST API?

    We would like to be able to create HTML Objects in the Blackboard CMS via the REST API.  We are able to copy HTML files directly to the CMS via WebDAV, but these end up being HTML files, not HTML Objects.  B...
    created by mm35574
  • Submit journal entry with REST API

    Hi, I'm currently looking to add journal entry through REST API. I don't see any endpoint that allows to read/add journal entry. Is this currently not supported and will it be supported in the future? Thanks
    created by lp30718
  • How to hide columns using REST API

    Is it possible to hide columns from the instructor's grade book using REST API, marking a grade book column as not available hides it from the student, but how do I hide a gradebook column from the instructor using th...
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  • Is REST API Activity logged?

    Is REST API Activity logged? I haven't checked but I assume that it's in the bb-access logs but does the activity show up in in any of the authentication or course activity logs?   As an Administrator, how can ...
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  • Can newer versions of REST be applied to older versions of the Blackboard Learn?

    Can newer versions of the REST API be applied to older versions of the Blackboard Learn environment without upgrading the entire system? For example, can an institution on version 3100.0.7 of ...
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  • Mapping REST API entitlements to Learn privileges for viewing admin user info

    I was able to use the mapping spreadsheet from Managing REST Integrations in Learn: The REST Integrations Tool for System Administrators which allows me to create a custom system role for REST API app.  However, ...
    created by smachaje
  • How do you actually enable an LTI tool in the AMI image?

    AWS Marketplace: Blackboard Inc   I have configured a tool provider with key and secret and created a placement that works in other LMS and approved it as well as turning LTI on in courses and orgs in the "Mana...
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  • SIS Disable != REST available: "Disabled"

    How can we achieve the same Status/Availability with REST as with SIS snapshot loads with "Deletes" set to "Disable"?... ie... Status = Disabled, Availability = Yes   We use a combination of SIS snapshot file up...
  • User info in course membership endpoint

    Hi all! I'm trying to get the user info from the "course membership endpoint". Specifically, this is my call https://{host}/learn/api/public/v1/courses/courseId:{myCourseId}/users?expand=user   And, according...
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  • Use RESTAPI to get  members for a role in a course

    I am trying to get course members for a roleid by passing role as a query parameter. In this case I set role to Instructor and availailability.available to Yes.  However I am getting back all roles   url[ht...
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  • request REST API return JSON in same format as query

    Some REST API calls let you pass courseid and userid in various formats:   GET /learn/api/public/v1/courses/{courseId}/gradebook/columns/{columnId}/users/{userId}  so we can use primary _123_1 externalId...
    created by goh.ian
  • Template Course Key in REST API COURSE

    Hello!   We have some method in the REST API where it is possible to send the 'template_course_key' to create a course with another as template?   Does the 'Add Child Course' method available from version ...
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  • Database Error Occurred

    Developing a integration using REST.  Attempting to create a new course.   Server responds with: {"status":400,"message":"Failed to save course for REST call.:A database error occurred.:"}   Course st...
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  • How can identify sites in 'manage site registrations'

    I've got 5 sites listed as "sites using the application" One is a test instance I setup, and is flagged as such in the site column   The rest all show as "local" so I can't distinguish between the VM test vers...
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