• Cross-Origin Resource Sharing; or Why I Can't Use AJAX with Learn APIs

    Recently several Blackboard folks participated in an event called HackPSU. HackPSU is an annual hackathon that takes place at Penn State University. During this awesome event, we discovered that some of the students w...
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  • Blackboard’s Open Innovation Initiative and Our New Developer Virtual Blackboard Application

    Hi Everyone!   I am excited to share that we have released our first Open Innovation Initiative focused Developer Virtual Blackboard Application (DVBA) via the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. More on that in a ...
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  • Simple Project Using New Q2 Beta Rest API In a B2 With IBM Watson Tone Analyzer

    Working for Blackboard Support I get to learn something new everyday.  The new Rest API gives much simpler access to course information that is consumed/created externally from Blackboard or wrapped in a B2 and d...
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  • aMEBA Application

    Hello! Today I would like to share will you all my take on creating what I would like to call a aMEBA (uh-mee-buh) Application: A Mongo DB, ExpressJS(NodeJS), BBRest API Application.   Scientific Definition: A si...
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  • My Journey In Creating Blackboard CLIs for Bb REST APIs

    Hello, I would like to share with you some of my thoughts on creating CLIs that work with Blackboard Learn’s REST APIs. In this post, I will be covering: My initial thoughts on BbRest API’s, Why I decided ...
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