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When creating or updating user information through the REST API, it would be desirable to indicate that the password is encrypted in md5 or in plain text, since in our case the password is not available in bd, only to the encrypted one.
Alberto Ruiz
It would extremely useful in order to integrate with other institutional image sources to be able of making post and patch requests with the user's avatar image. Now, if the institution wants to have control over the user avatar they has to use a cumbersome process to generate a complex folder structure using the internal user id and upload it…
Click to view contentOne of the most difficult aspects to using the REST API is mapping the entitlements in the swagger documentation at to the permissions available in the UI for creating a system role. Using this custom javascript bookmarklet makes this a lot easier. Here is the code:  … (Show more)
I was wondering if there is a newsletter or REST API updates/ change log email, etc that I can subscribe to get alerts when changes are made to the API? I just realized there are many deprecated endpoints with the API and I want to make sure that we are not caught by surprise if we happen to be using one of the deprecated endpoints. 
I am trying to update a grade center column with the following endpoint: PATCH /learn/api/public/v2/courses/{courseId}/gradebook/columns/{columnId}/users/{userId}   I'm passing the pk1 values for courseId, columnId, and userId.   But I am getting the following error: {"status":403,"message":"Attempting to alter grades from another… (Show more)
I'm trying to do something that should be simple.  I'm trying to get a list of courses with a 'created' date for each course.  The problem I'm running into is I'm trying to do this with a user that's not a system admin.  I'm trying to be secure and give this application the least privileges it requires to run.   I'm calling… (Show more)
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