• como fazer a propia tela de login?

    como fazer a propia tela de login?   há algo errado em meu codigo?   <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head>     <title>Portal Educacional</title>  ...
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  • How to determine if a gradebook column applies to a group?

    I'm trying to report on the number of assignments a student needs to complete. Of course, gradebook_main has all of the columns in the grade center but I can find no indication of whether the column only applies to me...
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  • Is it possible to use the content from my universities blackboard page in my own application?

    I want to learn about interacting with a web service in my own application.  I'm interested in pulling content using from my universities blackboard page (course listing and grade entries for each course), but I'...
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  • For SaaS installations that have Ultra enabled, can a course in that installation that is not set to use Ultra still have access to building blocks?

    We have a building block that is available in the SaaS environment.  Some of our customers are moving to use Ultra.  If the school uses Ultra on the installation level, can courses still be set to NOT use Ul...
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  • OAuth Validation Failed on LTI return

    Hello - we've just recently upgraded our DVM from 3400 to 3500, following the guide posted at Upgrade Your DVM   Our LTI integration is throwing an error - "Oops, something went wrong.  The OAuth validatio...
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  • thin common cartridge

    Does Blackboard support the thin version of the common cartridge? Where can I find information on how to import a thin common cartridge and set up the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) consumer key and shared secret?
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  • REST API not returning all fields?

    Hello There!   I am a developer for an LTI tool that uses Blackboard's REST APIs to receive course, enrollment and user information.   The API I am using to load user information is: GET /learn/api/public...
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  • export list of courses by location from blackboard

    export list of courses by location from blackboard - Content Management / Collection
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  • Live, Automatic Captions in Collaborate?

    Does anyone happen to know if there are plans for live, automatic captioning in Collaborate Ultra? I know that we can currently add captions to a recording and/or us a live manual captioner, but other web-conferencing...
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  • LTI Tool Provider Disabled Error

    Hi there,   I am trying to test my LTI tool provider on Blackboard Learn (it is the developer AMI (version 3500.9.0). It is a content item message type of provider. I successfully setup a placement and was able ...
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  • EnrollmentPersister throwing PersistenceException after upgrading to SaaS

    Inside our custom building block we are trying to update a user's enrolment availability and role but we are receiving the following exception while saving the record:   "blackboard.persist.PersistenceException...
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  • Developer Communication/Listserv?

    Hi all, was wondering if there is a regular communication feed or listserv specifically for Blackboard devs? I would like to keep up-to-date on APIs, B2's, developer-specific webinars, and general best-practices/exper...
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  • How to add LTI 2 at BB Learn System Admin panel?

    It should be here according to the Help, but I see no link...
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  • Assignment with 0 possible points

    I've an assignment that's configured with 0 points possible on the assignment. This assignment is linked to an external tool via LTI.   If the grade sent back to blackboard for this assignment via LTI is 0, the ...
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  • Course archive request via API?  Course restore from uploaded Archive.ZIP file?  I'm currently driving Selenium webdriver via python but would prefer a 'clean' method to automate FULL course archive requests and restore from an archive file

    I have Bb SaaS environment so I miss my ability to Archive and Restore courses via command-line...    We have three SaaS sites:   LIVE, STAGE ( periodic clone of LIVE ) , and test ( empty shell )...
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  • REST API - Getting Student ID with GC Column Attempts

    We are working on our first REST API to get all attempts from a specific Grade Center column in a specific course. So we are using the "/learn/api/public/v2/courses/{courseId}/gradebook/columns/{columnId}/attempts" AP...
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  • connect to oracle database via MS Access

    Hi, tipically I use Oracle SQL Developer for connecting to ASR (we are in MH).   Some of you use MS Access? Do you know how to setup ODBC?
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  • trouble getting started with the Grades Journey building block

    I am trying to set up Blackboard Grades Journey (in a SaaS environment, if that makes a difference) and hit two roadblocks - probably some really simple "newbie" mistakes I am making.   I (tried to) configured t...
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  • Troubleshooting /blti/launch.jsp

    I have an older building block that wraps some custom logic around LTI launches.  After the MH Bb instance was upgraded to v3400, the building block stopped working.  After reviewing the code, there's a fair...
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  • Iframes in BB Ultra

    Hi,   Through some experimentation I've managed to add an iframe into our pilot version of Ultra. I used the following markup (based on the markup created by Blackboard for YouTube and Vimeo embedding):   ...
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