• Could not load class LearnDataSource

    I am working on upgrading my B2 compatible for Java 11 for Saas environment. I did all necessary changes required to upgrade the B2 (upgraded the JDK to version 11, Black board jar files to latest versions of 3700.16....
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  • Uploading a file to the content system/module

    I need to build a B2 that will allow a user to upload a file to the content system, renaming it as I do so. Although I have built many B2's over the years, but never one that uploads files, clues or pointers would be ...
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  • SIS integration passwords decryption?

    We're testing Q2 2019 now (so have the encrypted SIS integration passwords).  We were pulling the password from the database data_intgr table prior to this (so we didn't have to store it locally).  Are there...
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  • Missing parameters for starter B2

    About a year ago I created a Building Block for Learn - everything went fine. Because of the changes coming with Q4 2016, I have to upgrade the B2 to use an updated Spring and Hibernate version. my issue comes when de...
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  • How to create a lineItem with LTI 1.3 Advantage?

    I am receiving the following error: {"status":403,"message":"Forbidden","extraInfo":"b6c3a918d7b94fae85a8cf24978212c0"}   My curl headers are set: --request POST  --header "Authorization: Bearer JWTTOKENHERE...
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  • LTI Course content tool placement can’t have both deep linking and grading checked

    We are trying to make an LTI Tool Provider for embedding content via ContentItemSelection that should support grading as well. Since version 3400.1.0 it seems that this should be possible if you use placement type Cou...
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  • Blackboard Test results - display individual score against class average for that question

    We're currently using BB tests for small tests in class - we're looking for individuals to be able to see their individual result against a class average for the question straight after the test.   Item analysi...
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  • LTI - not getting membership url in launch request

    Hi there,   I've been developing an LTI tool for BB 9.1 Q2 2016 CU3, and we are trying to use the membership service for rostering.   The TC admin has registered our tool's domain in their administrator p...
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  • SaaS Java11 admin.jsp: The specified resource was not found, or you do not have permission to access it.

    Hi I'm testing a Building block on a SaaS developer virtual machine. This is the Java 11 DVM,   The main part of the module works but the admin page no longer works. I think this must be permissions either on t...
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  • LTI

    Is there an LTI integration for Office365 - specifically Powerpoint?
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  • Private Key validation Failed

    Hello,   When are we using Private key and key set getting from balckboard developer protal,those credentials unable to authenticate JWT. We are getting following error:   Signature verification failed
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  • Problems with DocumentManager with 3700 API

    We are trying to retrieve a file from a course Content Collection using blackboard.platform.contentsystem.manager.DocumentManager API but the method loadFile() doesn't return the resource file if the user that makes t...
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  • In which tables of the database is the information of Institutional Hierarchy?

    I need to read from the database the node information and the course-node relationship. In which tables can I find this?
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  • What's the best way to access course roster information without student intervention?

    We're developing 3rd party software that will contain access groups based on course rosters. What's the best way to get course roster data from Blackboard? We also need to pull this data at certain intervals...
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  • How to get the score of the "Total" grade center column through API?

    How to get the score of the "Total" grade center column through API?
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  • Is it valid to create courses using the Building Block API that have start and end dates provided but is set to "continuous" duration?

    We have a custom building block we wrote that we've been using since 2010. It listens to the Luminis Message Broker to get the LDIS transactions (a customization of IMS) and then creates the courses.   One of t...
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  • Release schedule source

    Where can i find the most up to date Learn release schedule? Is it different from the SaaS release Schedule?
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  • LTI Advantage 1.3 (POC) - Private key is not getting validated. Does any cryptography create any problem if its specific to some group, viz RSA or BSA etc. ?

    LTI Advantage 1.3 (POC) - Private key is not getting validated. Does any cryptography create any problem if its specific to some group, viz RSA or BSA etc. ?   I dont know if its the right place to post this que...
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  • blackboard install error

        I don't know where it went wrong...  
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  • como fazer a propia tela de login?

    como fazer a propia tela de login?   há algo errado em meu codigo?   <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head>     <title>Portal Educacional</title>  ...
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