• Updated: Changes to Java JDK and impact to Building Blocks in Learn SaaS

    Updated 15 October 2019   To address recent changes in Oracle’s Java support model, Blackboard Learn is transitioning to adopt a more recent version of Java, Java 11 JDK. Our new target for adopting J...
    created by wweichel
  • Mobile application with the Ionic framework

    Hello person   I would like a help if possible I am developing a hybrid application for my institution and would like to know if someone has already authenticated with OAuth2 so that you can retrieve the authori...
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  • Learn Temporary Directory

    When developing a new B2, we need sometimes to save some temporary files required by the B2 process (like xml files) and to delete them after process end. So, we frequently asked if Learn provides a temporary directo...
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  • Blackboard Dev Slack Channel?

        Hi all,   Would the Blackboard Dev community happen to have a Slack.com or discordapp channel that I just dont know about? I think it would be awesome way to collaborate and offer a form of "...
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  • Spring and Java 8 and Blackboard resources

    Hi I've been looking at the new version of Spring for Java 8 as we're upgrading Blackboard soon. Could you share your resources/tutorials or similar for Spring, Java 8 and blackboard?   I've just bought this: ...
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  • How often does the sandbox get restarted?

    I'm currently working on a building block in the following sandbox environment:  https://bd-partner-a-original.blackboard.com   I forgot to uninstall a previous version to ensure all running threads were te...
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  • Large javascript resources in Ultra

    We're moving to Ultra in the coming year, and I've been a bit dismayed by the page load times and sizes. Diving into it in a bit more detail, there are a lot of JS files being included that are really very large - one...
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  • A way to clear all test attempts for all students

    Hi All   Is there a way to clear all test attempts for all students ?   Thanks
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  • CourseMembership.Role.NONE - what is going on?

    I am working on some code that looks to check and see if a person is already enrolled on a course. As part of this activity I wrote a new class that contains a CourseMembership object to hold details of the membershi...
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  • Extract Person information with LIS 2.0

    Hi,   We (Saxion) have a question about LIS 2.0 Before we can create, update and delete accounts, roles and memberships we need to be able to read the accounts, roles and memberships in Blackboard. The Blackboard...
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  • Install Blackboard Virtual Machine in Window 8.1

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم   - Prerequisites: اتياجات قبل التنصيب - More than 6 GB RAM. - window should be 64bit to run VM. - HardDisk Spase more than 10 GB free. - Download the following Applicaiton: Virtual...
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  • Solution for My Grades dead links

    We upgraded to the 2017 Q2 CU2 release a month ago and recently we found that links to assignments in a student's My Grade page don't work in the 2016 theme when you use a small screen. This issue has 2 parts: The f...
    created by acbjl.denbraber
  • Customizing Bb Top Frame

    Hello, My Design Studio team and I are currently customizing the Bb GUI for our client. We are building off the Bb 2012 theme since the Bb 2016 theme, although available to us, lacks certain vital features that are r...
    created by smachaje
  • BB Learn server cache

    Hello,   We meet a specific issue due to BB Learn server cache. We update qti_asi_data table with a developed building block. In the BB Learn test page course tool, questions are displayed with the old informa...
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  • About <data> column <qti_asi_data> in table

    Hello, We would to update qti_asi_data table but we have not found an update method provided by the Blackboard API. We begin to code a Qti bean and its DAO to load/persist questions in qti_asi_data table.In this tabl...
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  • Collecting Points and Moving levels up

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    created by giselle
  • Student Roster Building Block or a Foundation for other developments

    Hello,   I want to share my work in a tool we have developed, and after removing the custom parts for the costumer, open to the community.   I think the development is useful not just as a tool to show a e...
    Alberto Ruiz
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  • How To Create/Update Blackboard Users

    We currently use the command line SnapShot utility to create/update our 28,000+ blackboard users.   My Blackboard administrator told me that the next release of Blackboard will no longer support SnapShot.  ...
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  • 3100.1.0-rel.52 Bb Maven library posted May 3 - Is this for Q4 2016 CU3?

    3100.1.0-rel.52 Bb Maven library posted May 3 - Is this for Q4 2016 CU3?
    created by rs0048203
  • password change in first login

    Hi all,   In our institution we have two kinds of users, in relation with their authetication method. For those users that use the "Learn default" authentication, we would like to force them, to change their pas...
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