• Grades Journey Authorisation (C# code example)

    At the University of South Wales we are currently implementing Grades Journey, for anyone going through the same process you will be concentrating on two key areas of work, provisioning and extraction.   The fir...
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  • LTI 1.3 Deep Linking, Names and Roles, and Custom Parameters

    This blog post contains links to a complete demonstration of setting up and using https://github.com/blackboard/BBDN-LTI-Tool-Provider-Node. Shout out to Scott Hurrey & Eric Preston and his team (everyone you...
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  • Unable to launch link. The Tool Provider has been disabled by the System Administrator

    "Unable to launch link. The Tool Provider has been disabled by the System Administrator," even after enabling LTI and the specific tool in system-level Tools and the LTI global settings are correct. The issue is that ...
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  • blackboard install error

        I don't know where it went wrong...  
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  • How Do I Find An Installer For An Older Version Of Learn?

    Here's how. Watch this video.
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  • My LTI xxx Doesn't Work

    Solution -  Use our reference tool provider and compare what you are doing with what works. See: https://github.com/blackboard/BBDN-LTI-Tool-Provider-Node   Example: I can't figure out why my JSON doesn't...
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  • Getting Started - For Beginners

    I'm writing this as we've had a few questions from developers come in who have never written a Web Application in their life. I hope this helps.   First, get up to speed on developing web applications. A Google ...
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  • thin common cartridge

    Does Blackboard support the thin version of the common cartridge? Where can I find information on how to import a thin common cartridge and set up the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) consumer key and shared secret?
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  • Preparing Your Building Blocks For Learn SaaS and Newer Learn Versions

    Blackboard Building Blocks have long been a staple in the Blackboard Learn platform. These Java Web Apps allow you to customize the workflow and experience that you and your faculty use to interact with the system. &#...
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  • trouble getting started with the Grades Journey building block

    I am trying to set up Blackboard Grades Journey (in a SaaS environment, if that makes a difference) and hit two roadblocks - probably some really simple "newbie" mistakes I am making.   I (tried to) configured t...
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  • Precompiling JSPs

    If you haven't read the Tomcat 8 section of the Preparing Your Building Blocks For Learn SaaS and Newer Learn Versions document, you should. As Blackboard continues to update to newer technologies, we are often lookin...
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  • Tutorial - Schema.XML

    Building Blocks often require the means to store data specific to their function. This was often accomplished using local flat files stored in the Building Block directory or by utilizing an external database. Neither...
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  • Aspiring Blackboard Partner Developer Questions

    1. Do I need a $2000 partner account to acquire a test environment? 2. Is there a partnership trial? 3. Is there an SDK for partners? 4. Is there a public, client library?   Any answers and direct links would...
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  • Use BasicLTILauncher to launch in new window

    I have a  Building block, i am addging feature to launch LTI with different placement. I have added a system link to launch. I am making use of BasicLTILauncher. Its working but opening LTI in new window. I wa...
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  • REST Made Easy - Use Your Browser!

    I'm writing this to show an easy way to test your REST API calls. This brief video shows you how to go about it. In the video we also answer a question about the Gradebook REST APIs. The question was whether the lette...
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  • Error [WSFW007] while running Blackboard Soap Web Services Python sample code

    Used below info as a reference and I was trying to execute a sample script.   Get Course Announcements with SOAP and Python BBDN-Web-Service-Python-Sample-Code/Main.py at master · blackboard/BBDN-Web-Ser...
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  • Tutorials

    Building Blocks TutorialsStarting out and Setting up Readme Overview of development project life cycle Setting up your development server Setting up your development environment Your first Building Blocks project...
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  • Developer Workstation

    This topic is meant to help you set up your Development workstation so that you can start setting up your Building Blocks projects and get developing quickly.   Goals  Setup Your IDE and Supporting Tools S...
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  • Video RE: SSL Certs, REST and Configuring REST in Learn

    tl;dr configuring REST in Learn and why doesn't my REST APP authorize with a Learn system that has a self-signed cert? Here's a video with a few pointers. Thanks for watching! Dropbox - RegardingSSLcertsAndRestIntegra...
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  • Learn Temporary Directory

    When developing a new B2, we need sometimes to save some temporary files required by the B2 process (like xml files) and to delete them after process end. So, we frequently asked if Learn provides a temporary directo...
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