• SOAP-to-REST Migration: Mapping

    The purpose of this document is to provide a mapping from SOAP Web Service calls to REST API Endpoints. This is meant to be a quick-start guide to the migration process. With SOAP being deprecated in the near term fut...
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  • blackboard install error

        I don't know where it went wrong...  
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  • My Application Stoped Being Able to Make Calls to the Learn Server! (Hint: TLS & Ciphers)

    Recently we had a report that an application running on a partner's server was no longer able to send requests to Blackboard's Learn servers. They were SOAP requests - which is being deprecated - but that wasn't the i...
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  • Blackboard Learn SOAP Web Services

    NOTE: SOAP Web Services have been deprecated. See Blackboard Deprecates SOAP Web Services  Much of their functionality will not work with Ultra, including with Ultra Courses.   Blackboard Web Services offer...
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  • Announced - Deprecation of SOAP Web Services

    The Announcement! -->> Blackboard Deprecates SOAP Web Services   First - our forward looking statement applies to the information presented here*.   I'm writing this blog post because this week in ou...
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  • How do I view the Web Service Logs on A SaaS System?

    View the WS logs via a Kibana query of:  path="/usr/local/blackboard/logs/ws/WS_common.log"
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  • Using the SOAP WS API, how can I get the assignment date and possible points?

    Hello, I'm using the SOAP Action getFilteredContent to retrieve the assignment. However, the response is something like the following XML:   <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><soapenv:Envelope xmln...
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  • While calling getUser() Method. Getting access denied error.

    Dear Friends, We converted Context_WS.wsdl and User_WS.wsdl  into java client. We used wsdl2java command and used AXIS2 API to convert wsdl into java client. While calling getUser() Method. Getting access denied...
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  • What additional permission need to be set for this kind of error when using User.WS

    Here is the problem when calling User.WS getUser(),   ('Could not get users for course', '_440370_1') Server raised fault: '[WSFW004]<b>Access Denied</b><br>Access to this resource is prohibited...
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  • [WSFW004] Access Denied for getUser method (UserWS)

    [WSFW004]<b>Access Denied</b><br>Access to this resource is prohibited. (system.useradmin.generic.VIEW)   I am encountering Access Error whenever calling UserWS.getUser() method from my buildng...
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  • Error [WSFW007] while running Blackboard Soap Web Services Python sample code

    Used below info as a reference and I was trying to execute a sample script.   Get Course Announcements with SOAP and Python BBDN-Web-Service-Python-Sample-Code/Main.py at master · blackboard/BBDN-Web-Ser...
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  • SAML B2 Authentication with SOAP Web Services

    Hello,   I'd like to know if Blackboard SOAP Web Services support the authentication with SAML. My application has the basic Auth authentication flow implemented and working, based on the code example from https...
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  • Custom CSS theme for course on Blackboard

    How to customize look and feel of the course using CSS? Is there any way we can change default icons, fonts and color scheme?
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  • Extract Person information with LIS 2.0

    Hi,   We (Saxion) have a question about LIS 2.0 Before we can create, update and delete accounts, roles and memberships we need to be able to read the accounts, roles and memberships in Blackboard. The Blackboard...
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  • Is it possible to create new Course Groups programatically through SOAP webservices?

    Hello,   Can anyone please tell me if it's possible to create new groups in a Learn Course programatically through the SOAP webservices and add students to the new groups? According to the API (http://library.b...
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  • Any trick to register SOAP WS proxy tool in SaaS environment

    We have a web service proxy tool which works fine in the managed hosting environment for a while. The same tool can't register itself successfully in SaaS environment. The request for registering from this tool just h...
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  • How do I create a custom Web Service in q4 2016?

    I'd like to create my own web service endpoint, but cannot find any good examples for the q4 2016 version.
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  • Error in calling gradebook.ws from building block

    I tried calling gradebook.ws from build block, I got the access denied error. But initialize and login in context ws got success.   I am not able to call gradebook.ws webservices, whether i need to ad permissio...
  • How do I filter gradebook score object by course id and column id?

    I have managed to locate the final grade column in the API via the following .NET code.       I am trying to obtain the grades for a course under the column id with the title "Final Grade" (only fi...
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  • Test BB WS with SoapUI

    I create this question to discuss together how we can test blackboard web services through SoapUI. By my little experience, we have at first to create new SOAP project; specifying the name of project and the initial ...
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