• Cannot coursesites allow changes in how participants are referred?

    Can coursesites allow changes in how participants are referred in inception email and generally on the course sites forum – including where list of participants and role assignment is displayed? "Students" seems...
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  • Why not enable an easier method of feedback that is to share idea on Coursesites when ideas/ limitations are to be pointed out?

    If I am not experiencing a problem but only want to share some idea with developers of Coursesites – then too the process is complex. I do not understand anything in software/ hardware and even coursesites I am ...
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  • If questions can be presented to student in different order, why the option to flip to flip all the choices in each multiple choice question not similarly provided?

    If questions can be presented to student in different order in each attempt, why the option to flip to flip all the choices in each multiple choice question not similarly provided?   The questions can be present...
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  • Aspiring Blackboard Partner Developer Questions

    1. Do I need a $2000 partner account to acquire a test environment? 2. Is there a partnership trial? 3. Is there an SDK for partners? 4. Is there a public, client library?   Any answers and direct links would...
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  • Use BasicLTILauncher to launch in new window

    I have a  Building block, i am addging feature to launch LTI with different placement. I have added a system link to launch. I am making use of BasicLTILauncher. Its working but opening LTI in new window. I wa...
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  • Error [WSFW007] while running Blackboard Soap Web Services Python sample code

    Used below info as a reference and I was trying to execute a sample script.   Get Course Announcements with SOAP and Python BBDN-Web-Service-Python-Sample-Code/Main.py at master · blackboard/BBDN-Web-Ser...
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  • Starter Building Block Readme

    This is the readme for the Starting Building Block. The Starter Building block is available in the Blackboard maven repository.   Caveat DO NOT INSTALL THE STARTER BLOCK ON A PRODUCTION SYSTEM OR ANY SYSTEM ACCE...
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  • Developer Workstation

    This topic is meant to help you set up your Development workstation so that you can start setting up your Building Blocks projects and get developing quickly.   Goals  Setup Your IDE and Supporting Tools S...
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  • Video RE: SSL Certs, REST and Configuring REST in Learn

    tl;dr configuring REST in Learn and why doesn't my REST APP authorize with a Learn system that has a self-signed cert? Here's a video with a few pointers. Thanks for watching! Dropbox - RegardingSSLcertsAndRestIntegra...
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  • Learn Temporary Directory

    When developing a new B2, we need sometimes to save some temporary files required by the B2 process (like xml files) and to delete them after process end. So, we frequently asked if Learn provides a temporary directo...
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  • Q4 2016 - Get connect to BBLEARN_CMS_DOC

    Dear,   Anyone know how to connect to "BBLEARN_CMS_DOC"? I would like to access the tables there through the task portal, I know I could get to "bblearn_stats" by using "BbDatabase.getStatisticsDefaultInstance...
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  • bb-manifest.xml - playing nicely

    For a long time many building block developers (including those employed by Blackboard) have added a permission entry like this: <permission type="java.io.FilePermission" name="&amp;lt;&amp;lt;ALL FILES&am...
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  • Can a building block be linked from the Grade Centre?

    I know that B2s can appear in the System Admin panel, as a student tool, as a module as an instructor tool (depending on the link type you specify in the bb-manifest file "system_tool", "tool" etc). Is it possible for...
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  • Where can I download the BM Virtual Machine

    Can someone provide a link to download Blackboard Learn Developer Virtual Machine instance (the “Bb Virtual Machine”) . If I follow the link listed on the tutorial it redirect to login, but after I success...
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  • Change the browser Title

    Hi,   One of our clients want to replace "Blackboard Learn" with "University title" in the browser title bar while accessing Blackboard Learn. How e can change this in login page and other pages? Attached scree...
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  • Custom CSS theme for course on Blackboard

    How to customize look and feel of the course using CSS? Is there any way we can change default icons, fonts and color scheme?
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  • BB Learn server cache

    Hello,   We meet a specific issue due to BB Learn server cache. We update qti_asi_data table with a developed building block. In the BB Learn test page course tool, questions are displayed with the old informa...
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  • Student Roster Building Block or a Foundation for other developments

    Hello,   I want to share my work in a tool we have developed, and after removing the custom parts for the costumer, open to the community.   I think the development is useful not just as a tool to show a e...
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  • Must Read - ALL FILES No More

    Please read ALL FILES No More
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  • How do I create a custom Web Service in q4 2016?

    I'd like to create my own web service endpoint, but cannot find any good examples for the q4 2016 version.
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