• Building Block API Documentation

    You can view these documentation packages directly in HTML using the following links. You can also download the packages and access earlier versions of these documents through Behind the Blackboard on the Download Fil...
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  • How to add LTI 2 at BB Learn System Admin panel?

    It should be here according to the Help, but I see no link...
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  • Learn Installation Requirements for Self-hosted Microsoft Systems

    This page documents several requirements for those who are installing Learn on the Microsoft platform. The individual doing the install MUST read, complete any required action, and check off each item on this page. Th...
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  • Many Uses of Behind the Blackboard - Happy New Year

    Once in a while a question comes in about where to find information on Behind the Blackboard. For example a case just came in asking if Q4 2018 is out and if so, where to find the download. If you're having difficulty...
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  • Dynamic Rendering with Template Variables

    Template variables allow for integration with other systems by exposing information about the user's context in a way that makes creating URLs to pass information to these systems easy.   Template variables are ...
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  • trouble getting started with the Grades Journey building block

    I am trying to set up Blackboard Grades Journey (in a SaaS environment, if that makes a difference) and hit two roadblocks - probably some really simple "newbie" mistakes I am making.   I (tried to) configured t...
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  • Introduction to OpenDB

    In the summer of 2010, Blackboard made good on a commitment for platform openness by publishing details about the database structures that power the Blackboard Learn platform. Our Open Database initiative provides you...
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  • Alpha Sort Catalogue Listings

    Under review
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    We would like to see Course Names appearing in Alphabetical order when they first appear within Course Learning Event Catalogues.   Courses listed in Catalogues are currently sorted numerically by Course ID. We ...
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  • Getting Started With Building Blocks, but need LMS access

    Greetings! Noob question here. I'm interested in experimenting with the blackboard building blocks API, but I don't have a blackboard LMS instance to work with because I'm not part of an educational institution that u...
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  • Cannot coursesites allow changes in how participants are referred?

    Can coursesites allow changes in how participants are referred in inception email and generally on the course sites forum – including where list of participants and role assignment is displayed? "Students" seems...
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  • Why not enable an easier method of feedback that is to share idea on Coursesites when ideas/ limitations are to be pointed out?

    If I am not experiencing a problem but only want to share some idea with developers of Coursesites – then too the process is complex. I do not understand anything in software/ hardware and even coursesites I am ...
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  • If questions can be presented to student in different order, why the option to flip to flip all the choices in each multiple choice question not similarly provided?

    If questions can be presented to student in different order in each attempt, why the option to flip to flip all the choices in each multiple choice question not similarly provided?   The questions can be present...
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  • Aspiring Blackboard Partner Developer Questions

    1. Do I need a $2000 partner account to acquire a test environment? 2. Is there a partnership trial? 3. Is there an SDK for partners? 4. Is there a public, client library?   Any answers and direct links would...
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  • Become a Blackboard Partner and Gain Access To Behind the Blackboard and Partner SaaS Systems

    Every Blackboard Partnership includes a Behind the Blackboard account. Behind the Blackboard gives you access to all of our knowledge base, downloads, including the DVM and full installers, support bulletins, announce...
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  • Use BasicLTILauncher to launch in new window

    I have a  Building block, i am addging feature to launch LTI with different placement. I have added a system link to launch. I am making use of BasicLTILauncher. Its working but opening LTI in new window. I wa...
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  • Error [WSFW007] while running Blackboard Soap Web Services Python sample code

    Used below info as a reference and I was trying to execute a sample script.   Get Course Announcements with SOAP and Python BBDN-Web-Service-Python-Sample-Code/Main.py at master · blackboard/BBDN-Web-Ser...
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  • Starter Building Block Readme

    This is the readme for the Starting Building Block. The Starter Building block is available in the Blackboard maven repository.   Caveat DO NOT INSTALL THE STARTER BLOCK ON A PRODUCTION SYSTEM OR ANY SYSTEM ACCE...
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  • Developer Workstation

    This topic is meant to help you set up your Development workstation so that you can start setting up your Building Blocks projects and get developing quickly.   Goals  Setup Your IDE and Supporting Tools S...
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  • Video RE: SSL Certs, REST and Configuring REST in Learn

    tl;dr configuring REST in Learn and why doesn't my REST APP authorize with a Learn system that has a self-signed cert? Here's a video with a few pointers. Thanks for watching! Dropbox - RegardingSSLcertsAndRestIntegra...
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  • Learn Temporary Directory

    When developing a new B2, we need sometimes to save some temporary files required by the B2 process (like xml files) and to delete them after process end. So, we frequently asked if Learn provides a temporary directo...
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