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The upcoming release of Blackboard Learn 9.1 Q2 2016 will be upgraded to run on the latest version of Java from Oracle, Java 8.  The primary impact of this change will be to Building Blocks.  Nearly all Building Blocks are expected to continue to work without any changes as, generally, most Java 7 code is compatible with Java 8 code.  There may be instances, however, where a Building Block will need to be updated.  You may need to update a Building Block if:

  • During compilation, the values for compatibility, source, and target were not specified in a way compatible with Java 8.
  • A Building Block uses complex Java 7 libraries.
  • A Building Block that relies on the Spring Framework must be updated to use Spring 4.2.0+.


The following resources are available to assist you in the evaluation and updating of your Building Blocks for Java 8:


We strongly encourage anyone who has a Building Block to test it against Java 8 before installing the Learn 9.1 Q2 2016 release onto a production environment. 


Preparing Building Blocks for Release 3000.1.0 in SaaS and the Java 8 Update


The information above is also applicable to SaaS Plus/Advantage deployments where clients can add their own Building Blocks. In addition to the above resources, developers should be aware of additional possible updates that may be required in these deployments: