An Ultra Course Won't Accept HTML In My REST API Call

Blog Post created by mkauffman on Jun 7, 2019

If you're getting a 400 response from a REST API call to add a string to Ultra content with the message: "Could not read document: Invalid Blackboard Markup found in..." it's because Ultra restricts input to only valid BbML, a small subset of HTML.  While  your input worked for a Classic course, it does not work for an Ultra course.  For example, the style attribute of the p element is not considered valid BbML. 


So if you were to attempt POST to courses/(courseId)/gradebook/columns for an Ultra course,  and have the following HTML in the description field of the JSON:

{ "name": "A Grade Column Name", "description": "<p style=\"display: none;\">[]</p>",...


you get the 400 response and message.


See: for more details. 


Use only valid BbML.