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Quite the problem is  mis-matched time on the Learn server and the tool provider. So first, make certain both servers are running some means of syncing to a time server, ex: ntpd. Second, from a case that I needed help from our OAuth expert with, make certain that the code that calculates the OAuth signature includes everything, including the port. Example: If the Learn server is available on then the OAuth signature calculation for the LTI launch must include the 8443 portion of the URL. 


May all your LTI launches be successful!

Recently we had a report that an application running on a partner's server was no longer able to send requests to Blackboard's Learn servers. They were SOAP requests - which is being deprecated - but that wasn't the issue. 


We've moved our servers to TLSv1.1/1.2. We're also using a modern set of ciphers. Make certain you're using both and you'll be able to connect!


Here's one article that describes a symptom and solution for those using Microsoft .Net libraries.


Happy Coding!

I've been getting multiple inquires about finding log files in SaaS. As of 3600.0.0, Kibana is no longer available in SaaS. READ: 


To stay up to date on changes like this to Learn - keep abreast of announcements on Behind the Blackboard. This video shows you how you can subscribe to receive an email  when a new release comes out with changes like this.


Here is our latest help documentation about getting the log files from SaaS: