Ultra Navigation, Ultra Courses and Building Blocks

Blog Post created by mkauffman on Apr 23, 2019

There are still questions floating around about Ultra and Building Blocks. As an example, one developer writes the following. I'm writing this to answer these questions, and any others you might have.


We are currently using a building block for one of the tools that we make available to customers using Blackboard. It is our understanding that any tools using building blocks will not be made available if a customer has switched to the Ultra experience. We have a couple of questions:

  1. If the admin has enabled Ultra but an instructor has not enabled it at the course level, can the instructor still access our tool if the tool using a building block has already been made available to them?
  2. Will you still make tools using building blocks available to customers using the original experience, or can they only access a tool using a building block if it was made available to them before Ultra was released?


First, to help clarify around the first question, switching to the Ultra experience (navigation) does not remove the Original courses that exist in the system. Building Blocks that work in a SaaS environment will continue to work in these Original experience courses when the system is switched to the Ultra experience. If a new Original experience course is created, the Building Block functionality will be available in this new course.  However, the Building Block integrations will not be available for use in any Ultra Experience courses that are created. As we've discussed previously in this blog, only LTI & REST API integrations are are available in Ultra courses. Building Blocks can not surface content in an Ultra course.


Regarding the second question, yes clients can request that their support team install any building block they would like in their SaaS system, both Ultra navigation and Original experience, before or after the switch from Original Experience to Ultra.