Not So Private

Blog Post created by mkauffman on Aug 13, 2018

By way of introduction, this an article about why you should migrate your B2 integration to LTI &/or REST.  With said, I started writing this article because of several B2 issues that have come up over the past year because of the B2's use of 'private' APIs. What is a private API? Simply stated, it's an API that a B2 can use, but it's not been published in our public Building Block API Documentation. Let's look at an example.


Some developers discovered, and have used this private API:



Our development team moved this Java API, and because it's private, they're under no obligation to inform anyone when they do so, or what they've done with it. Then, because it wasn't so private, B2s that used it fail in newer releases of Learn.


The good news is that we're developing and introducing REST APIs at a rapid pace, based on use case. If you have a use case that our APIs don't cover, you can submit submit your idea here. Our goal is to publish REST APIs that meet a majority of use cases, so you don't need to use a 'not so private' API.