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When Blackboard migrates a self or managed-hosted system to SaaS, the migration team and client sometimes choose to do a full database migration in order to maintain existing content. Your B2's database tables will be migrated by this process, but if your B2 code relies on any database sequences, you'll need to work with the migration team to ensure that the sequences are correctly set up on the new SaaS system as well.


Bye Bye BBLEARN & bb_bb60

Posted by mkauffman May 14, 2017

Please read carefully. Your integration will break in SaaS if you have issues caused by hard-coded use of BBLEARN and bb_bb60. Though the title is a bit-overdramatic and BBLEARN and bb_bb60 will still be around on self-hosted and managed-hosted systems, they are gone in SaaS.


BBLEARN are bb_bb60 are the schema names used on many self and managed-hosted systems. These are no longer used on SaaS systems. Instead a long string like BB589bd9cca452e is used as the schema name. Every SaaS system will have a different schema name for its database. This means that no external system can make assumptions about the schema name and no B2 code can count on some particular set of values. All code must dynamically determine the schema name, or at the very least it must be set up during configuration. The Learn Java API blackboard.platfomr.plugin.PlugInUtil.getUriStem method can be used to get the complete B2 web application name, including the schema name. For example, on, String uriStem = PlugInUtil.getUriStem("bbdn", "bblogbackb2"); currently returns the string: /webapps/bbdn-bblogbackb2-BB56d7008520956/ See GitHub - mark-b-kauffman/bbdn-bblogbackb2: Demo the use of Logback to create log files.   for example use code.


Should your B2 be exposing Web Service endpoints and your external server assumes the endpoint is either BBLEARN or bb_bb60, the fact that SaaS now uses a different schema name on every SaaS system will cause problems for your integration. You external server must now be given either programmatically, or during configuration, the actual schema name so that it can make calls to valid URIs for each Learn system.  The more dynamic you make your code, the better.


The other case that will cause issues is if your B2 code refers to itself on the Learn system using URIs that it assumes contain either bb_bb60 or BBLEARN. The code must no longer make that assumption. Instead use PlugInUtil.getUriStem() to determine the actual value.


A brief video explanation - 2017-05-18_1526

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