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After a year off, Blackboard’s Developers Conference is back. Back in 2013, DevCon was very much focused on extending Blackboard Learn Release 9.1. We introduced a number of new tools, like the external Maven repository and the Developer Virtual Machine. Since that time, Blackboard announced a new release model, a new, cohesive user interface, and even began delivering on that new strategy.



Without a Developers Conference during this time, a lot of questions have arisen. DevCon 2015 in Washington, DC is the chance to get answers to those questions. The Architects and Product Managers that have been driving this innovation will be on-hand and on stage providing deep technical insight into the future direction of the Blackboard suite of product with a specific focus on Blackboard Learn SaaS and what it means for both Administrators and Developers.



While the agenda has not been posted yet, a number of sessions have been identified that will highlight these new and upcoming features and functionality. Administrators will find out what it means to move to SaaS, the future of Learning Analytics, and all about the Cloud Stack behind the SaaS delivery model of Blackboard Learn. Developers will get a sneak peek at the future of the integration framework, Angular and extension points, preparing custom Building Blocks for Learn Custom SaaS, and even a Round Table Q&A session with Blackboard Architects.



If information about the future of Blackboard Learn is of interest, DevCon 2015 should be required. There has been much in the way of opinion and conjecture about what is on the horizon, but DevCon will provide the facts Administrators and Developers need to move forward in the Blackboard ecosystem. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks about what to expect in Washington, DC July 20-21!