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We have just upgraded our test server to 2017 Q2 and we're seeing a bit of log spam caused by (mostly our in house) unsigned B2s. I had a quick search around and couldn't see any guides on how to sign our B2s. I'm using Eclipse and Gradle and any pointers / guides would be appreciated
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For a long time many building block developers (including those employed by Blackboard) have added a permission entry like this: <permission type="" name="&lt;&lt;ALL FILES&gt;&gt;" actions="read,write,delete"/> Now this is the sort of entry that (rightly) is likely to incur the "wrath of Volker" for… (Show more)
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Hi all,   Has any of you experience with exporting and importing the settings for Student Information System Integrations? I noticed that everything is exported (and thus can be imported) except the username. and this is what I also need!   After the production > staging refresh our Student Information System Integrations are overwritten. No… (Show more)
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Hi all,   I have an issue when I use the Blackboard queues.   I register the queue as follows:   MessageQueue queue = MessageQueueServiceFactory.getInstance().getQueue("queue-name"); queue.setMessageHandler(new MyCustomMessageQueueHandler(), true);   The queue is working fine, but after a few days it stops working and does not process any… (Show more)
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Hello,   Can anyone please tell me if it's possible to create new groups in a Learn Course programatically through the SOAP webservices and add students to the new groups? According to the API (, there is a 'saveGroup' function, but no 'createGroup' function like… (Show more)
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Hi everyone.   I am developing a building block and i am getting access denied read permissions on JDK and JRE jars. I have applied the following permissions but without success: <permission type="" name="${java.home}/lib/*" actions="read" /> <permission type="" name="JAVA_HOME/lib/*" actions="read"… (Show more)
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Hello, we're trying to add "All Day" event support to Qwickly multi-course event creation.  Does anyone know what controls if an event is an all-day event? Kyle Yokiel  
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From Building Blocks API 3100.0.0 See that static java.lang.String WEBSERVER_FULLHOSTNAME Deprecated.  since 9.1 SP15. Use URLUtil for operations requiring the fully qualified protocol, hostname and port.  But, can not find documentation how to use URLUtil in Building Blocks API 3100.0.0
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Blackboard now provides a preconfigured VirtualBox virtual machine to help developers quickly test and validate your Building Blocks. This article will help with setting up your developer environment to use the VM.   Important Note: You are downloading a Blackboard Learn Developer Virtual Machine instance (the “Bb Virtual Machine”) containing the…
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Use the following resources for Grades Journey integration:   Integration recipes for SIS Vendor types Ellucian: Banner, Colleague, or PowerCampus Grades Journey is not needed for ILP XE and LMB are currently not available as extract options Custom extraction options can use flat file, REST API, or LIS integrations Peoplesoft SAIP can…
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