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Hi! Our new login page ( is taking a long time to fully load, and we can see that 3 of the GETs for ~fontawesome resources are a big culprit. In our environment, the request is hitting, and so on. The artifacts in ../fonts/… (Show more)
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By way of introduction, this an article about why you should migrate your B2 integration to LTI &/or REST.  With said, I started writing this article because of several B2 issues that have come up over the past year because of the B2's use of 'private' APIs. What is a private API? Simply stated, it's an API that a B2 can use, but it's not been… (Show more)
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In our courses some of the email addresses are displayed when you click on the class roster and some are not. Is there a way to fix this?
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We are working on our first REST API to get all attempts from a specific Grade Center column in a specific course. So we are using the "/learn/api/public/v2/courses/{courseId}/gradebook/columns/{columnId}/attempts" API. That is working well, however we also need the 'studentId' value for our final data report. Is it possible to also include the… (Show more)
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Hello,   I am an instructional designer, and I would like to know if there is a way to generate a list of all the Blackboard shells at my institution, preferably within a specific range of dates. My institution's IT expert says it cannot be done. If it is possible, could you describe the steps so that I could relay to my IT point of contact? We… (Show more)
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Greetings! Noob question here. I'm interested in experimenting with the blackboard building blocks API, but I don't have a blackboard LMS instance to work with because I'm not part of an educational institution that uses Blackboard. How would I get administrator access to a blackboard LMS instance so that I could more thoroughly test out the… (Show more)
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Hi there,   I've been developing an LTI tool for BB 9.1 Q2 2016 CU3, and we are trying to use the membership service for rostering.   The TC admin has registered our tool's domain in their administrator panel, selected send user data only over SSL, all fields to send (Role in Course, Name, Email Address), and Allow Membership Service Access… (Show more)
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I'm in the process of making some shortcut additions to our Blackboard installation, and for this I'm using the REST API. The shortcut I'm trying to add at the moment, is a button that allows instructors to change the avaiiability of a content item with one click (instead of using the editing menu). I've gotten my sample to work perfectly,… (Show more)
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We are not able to move our tool to the production server as the signatures are coming back different.  We have tested on the lti oauth tools, our development server returns the appropriate signatures.  Why would the production server send a different signature if all parameters are setup the same?
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Hi,   I'm trying to make an LTI Tool Provider for embedding content via ContentItemSelection, but I'm having problem with the gradepassback parameters. When a student makes an attempt I expect Blackboard to send me lis_outcome_service_url and lis_result_sourcedid. This doesn't happen for content created via ContentItem messages.   For tool… (Show more)
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