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I'm currently working on a building block in the following sandbox environment:   I forgot to uninstall a previous version to ensure all running threads were terminated and just installed on top.  Now I had an old Thread that is just running in the background, I'm pretty sure that's going to require… (Show more)
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For a long time many building block developers (including those employed by Blackboard) have added a permission entry like this: <permission type="" name="&lt;&lt;ALL FILES&gt;&gt;" actions="read,write,delete"/> Now this is the sort of entry that (rightly) is likely to incur the "wrath of Volker" for… (Show more)
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We've had many developers run into issues around site quotas and rate limits when moving their REST application into production use. To help smooth your transition to production we've published this document Developer Groups, Site Quotas, and Rate Limits  Please read it and give us your comments/questions. I won't say more here, the document… (Show more)
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We're moving to Ultra in the coming year, and I've been a bit dismayed by the page load times and sizes. Diving into it in a bit more detail, there are a lot of JS files being included that are really very large - one such file is content-create.xxxxxxxx.js, which is 960 KB (although it does zip down to 201 KB), and apparently cannot be cached.… (Show more)
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Hello,   We are currently looking at making some improvements to our Blackboard Learn installation. One of the improvemnets we would like, is to add new question types to the assesment tool.   A new type could be a Hotspot question type with multiple hotspots.   Is this possible? Or would we need to create a separat Building Block for this?  … (Show more)
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Blackboard provides a preconfigured VirtualBox developer virtual machine (DVM) to help developers quickly test and validate Building Blocks and REST integrations. This article will help you set up the DVM.   To gain access to a DVM, your organization must be an established Blackboard customer or prospective customer. Otherwise, you can become a… (Show more)
Hi,   Does anyone know the possible release date of the DVM for Q4 2017. My organisation is likely yo upgrade to this version and I would like to test my B2's against this version.   Thanks,   Barbara
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Hello everyone, I have a pretty simple--hopefully--question. I'm just getting started with Blackboard, so hopefully this is straightforward.   I'm building an LTI Provider. My intention is to integrate this into Blackboard on a student's home page. However, I haven't found good documentation on how to do that. The only think I've found is this:… (Show more)
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