• Is it possible to use the get courses endpoint to return only parent modules?

    I see that there are fields on a module that identify whether a module is a parent or not ("hasChildren": true) but I cannot see any way to request this through the get courses endpoint: /learn/api/public/v2/cour...
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  • Changes for Q2 2017?

    I just upgraded our test environment to Q2 2017, and I have a couple of plugins that won't re-install properly, throwing "Warning: Error: Custom database schema definition has syntax errors."   I just confirmed ...
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  • Error archiving courses in REST/LTI Developer AMI

    I originally put this question on the documentation for transferring data out of an EC2 instance, but I don't think it gets the visibility there of asking a question here. Sorry for posting in two spots, I can delete ...
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  • How to do clean up in enterprise survey?

    We have thousands of surveys created using Enterprise Survey,  How do I batch delete those survey which no longer required?  Can anyone share the SQL query to perform the deletion of Enterprise Survey?
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  • Is it possible to post multiple records via the Bb Learn REST APIs?

    I'm using the Bb Learn REST APIs for the first time so I'm a bit new to this...   I have created an integration that syncs course groups and their memberships from SIS data.  I have hit the rate limit for t...
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  • DB Query for Adapative Release

    I have a support query where the question is being asked 'when was an adaptive release applied to a course content item?'. I have spent an hour trawling through the DB tables trying to find a reference to this, but th...
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  • Is it possible to include multiple search criteria to getCourses, such as courseId and created?

    I would like to call the getCourses v2 endpoint with multiple search terms, in this case: https://{{learningcentral}}/learn/api/public/v2/courses?courseId=1819-&created=2019-07-01 However, when I call this I get...
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  • createSecurityManager

    Hi all,   Since upgrading to Q4 2017 CU3 we've noticed the following in our services.log file:   The following permission ("java.lang.RuntimePermission" "createSecurityManager") is not allowed for tees-eat...
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  • Comsume External REST API inside a Building Block

    Hi Everyone,   My institutional Library Management System migrates in a few weeks time to a new platform, and I need to re-engineer our Library Account Building Block to use the REST API's provided by the new su...
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  • The Tool Provider URL must be located on one of the configured host names while registering LTI Tool Providers

    I have installed Blackboard Learn AMI (Release 3700.5.0-rel.14+eacb9cf) and I tried to register provider domain and placement but I am unable to register any.   Whatever I do I keep on getting an alert "The Tool...
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  • SCORM results not always recorded in Grade Centre

    Hi there   We are currently experiencing an intermittent issue with a SCORM package.  When a user completes the quiz, they see the "congratulations completed" page, but their Mark is not updated in the Blac...
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  • Women in STEM, The Future Digital Landscape: Dr. Jenine Beekhuyzen Sets The Scene

    By Nicole Wall | Jul 08, 2019   In today’s world, digitalisation has impacted almost every industry and fundamentally changed the way we work. Advancements in technology and investments in artifi...
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  • Blackboard REST for Humans

    Overview: I wrote a python library that makes consuming Blackboard REST really easy. It's very alpha, but I'm going to work on creating a three part series for the community and this is part 0.  Here's the easies...
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  • Get Started with the Attendance API

    Overview The Attendance API is a REST API that works in conjunction with Blackboard Learn. It becomes available in Blackboard Learn with release 3500.7. You use the Attendance API to track user attendance at meetings....
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  • Let's Encrypt certificate is now reviewed in Blackboard Learn AMI for REST and LTI Development

    My instance for Blackboard Learn for REST and LTI Developers (3500.9.0) in AWS has been working fine but today the REST APIs are not working and its because the Let's Encrypt certificate is expired few days ago. ...
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  • Custom Logout Page for SSO

    Hi all,   Referring these two unanswered posts in the community https://community.blackboard.com/ideas/3795-custom-logout-page-ability-for-bb-learn-environments-using-sso-login and https://communi...
    created by rj0050355
  • Database query to find Box View feedback, Blackboard Feedback and more

    Hi all,     We’ve been asked to extract some data to analyse how the assignments  are used in Blackboard Learn. I'm trying to create some reports based on data from BB da...
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  • Does the Blackboard in app browser have access to the camera?

    Hi there   We are trying to integrate a qr code scanner into an LTI tool.  Our tool link is going to need access to the phone's camera.   When running on desktop, our tool successfully opens and ...
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  • Java 11 for Learn: FAQ

    To address recent changes in Oracle’s Java support model, Blackboard Learn is transitioning to adopt a more recent version of Java, Java 11 Corretto JDK.  To find details regarding the targeted ve...
    created by mkauffman
  • How to find discussion threads that need grading

    Hello All,   We're attempting to determine all of the threads in a graded discussion forum to join with the gradebook column/attempt. The attempt table logs the very first entry in the graded discussion forum, b...
    created by chrimac