• Does the Blackboard in app browser have access to the camera?

    Hi there   We are trying to integrate a qr code scanner into an LTI tool.  Our tool link is going to need access to the phone's camera.   When running on desktop, our tool successfully opens and ...
    created by apandey
  • Java 11 for Learn: FAQ

    To address recent changes in Oracle’s Java support model, Blackboard Learn is transitioning to adopt a more recent version of Java, Java 11 Corretto JDK.  To find details regarding the targeted ve...
    created by mkauffman
  • My Messages B2 for SaaS including plans to move to Amazon Corretto 11 (Original Experience)

    My Messages creates a My Messages module at the course and organization level. It lists all courses with messages in the inbox and presents a direct link to the inbox within the appropriate course. Screen Shot of My...
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  • How to find discussion threads that need grading

    Hello All,   We're attempting to determine all of the threads in a graded discussion forum to join with the gradebook column/attempt. The attempt table logs the very first entry in the graded discussion forum, b...
    created by chrimac
  • Start Bundling & Linking to 3rd Party Java Libraries

    This is a follow on to the recent blog post about HttpClient .jar files. I'm writing because another vendor was using the Axis libraries we had in the classpath pre 3700.5.0. Those are gone too.   Always bundle ...
    created by mkauffman
  • Sending data from external LTI tools

    Hi Team, I am writing a LTI application which lets an instructor connect to our app and return an embed URL back to Blackboard, as a content item. I am using the "ims-lti" gem and have build the app, and ...
    created by jm0048678
  • Database query to find Box View feedback, Blackboard Feedback and more

    Hi all,     We’ve been asked to extract some data to analyse how the assignments  are used in Blackboard Learn. I'm trying to create some reports based on data from BB da...
    created by rj0050355
  • LTI required parameters in Collaborate

    Hello,   what are the LTI parameters required to access to Collaborate using LTI?. "lti_message_type", "lti_version" and "resource_link_id" sure, "user_id", "lis_person_name_full" and "lis_person_contact_email_p...
    Alberto Ruiz
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  • NOTICE! No More HttpClient 3.x In Learn 3700.5.0 and Later

    I'm writing this to inform B2 developers that Blackboard has removed the Apache Commons HttpClient 3.x library from /usr/local/blackboard/systemlib in Blackboard Learn 3700.5.0. We are using HttpClient 4.x in Learn ve...
    created by mkauffman
  • Angular building block conflicting with Prototype

    Hello,   We've written a building block that uses Angular js but are running into conflict issues with Prototype.  Was wondering if anyone else has had similar issues and how they resolved them?   Tha...
    last modified by nick.fielding
  • LTI Links in Learning Modules Opening in Frame Rather than New Window

    Hi all,   I have created External Links from an LTI tool provider and set them to "Open in a new window". They work properly and send me to the external site when they are in content folders. ...
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  • Is there any parameters to discriminate App from web inside a Building Block? Maybe an URL parameter or an internal one. Thank you

    I mean to understand if B2 is executed from inside App or from website.
    created by massimosvanoni
  • Can SAML link be removed from login page?

    Hi,   I'm trying to integrate Shibboleth in our learn environment and I'm customizing my login page so that I have two links, one pointing to Shibboleth login and the other pointing to the standard login for Adm...
    last modified by rj0050355
  • Comsume External REST API inside a Building Block

    Hi Everyone,   My institutional Library Management System migrates in a few weeks time to a new platform, and I need to re-engineer our Library Account Building Block to use the REST API's provided by the new su...
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  • BbWorld19 Community Reception

      If you have any questions, please comment below or send an email to community@blackboard.com.    We look forward to celebrating with you and will toast to those who are not able to attend BbWorld this...
    created by eschramke
  • Unable to download an attachement using Blackboard Learn REST APIs!

    I have been using Blackboard Learn for REST and LTI Developers version 3500.9.0 for my LTI tool development. I have an issue to download an attachment using the REST API. I am sending Bearer token in the header to cal...
    last modified by dpbhatt
  • B2 listed in course menu

    Hi Guys, I've developed a B2 and in Learn 9.1 its currently showing up in Course > Course Tools. I would like to move it to Users and Groups. Can you advise as to the what parameter I change in the bb-manifest.xml...
    last modified by scott.davies
  • Is there a URL Scheme for Blackboard Instructor (on iOS AND Android)?

    Hi everyone, I'm interested in having our university app open up Blackboard Instructor app on a user's device . However, I'm also interested in what other options are also available.  Thank you!
    last modified by jjuarez
  • Is there a way to hide the "course description" in Ultra?

    Hi all,   We use the field "course description" for internal pourposes, storing json data wich can be retrieved by an external application. This could be hidden in original view, but not in ultra im afraid....
    created by albcc81
  • SAML Authentication without redirecting to Shibboleth login page

    Hi,   We have configured the SAML Authentication provider setting as documented in the Blackboard Help and it is working but we were also looking if there is a way to authenticate user against Shibboleth wi...
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