• My Messages B2 for SaaS including plans to move to Amazon Corretto 11 (Original Experience)

    My Messages creates a My Messages module at the course and organization level. It lists all courses with messages in the inbox and presents a direct link to the inbox within the appropriate course. Screen Shot of My...
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  • Regarding LTI 1.1 launch parameters

    Hello,   When we are integrate LTI 1.1 tool in blackboard .   We found some strange parameters  such as "tool_consumer_info_product_family_code":"moodle" instead of "learn" for BB .
    created by rohit
  • LTI: How do I find error details?

    I am sure this is documented somewhere, but I have not come across it yet.  Whenever a third-party LTI tool fails to launch, where do I need to go to view the error details of that launch?  In Blackboard, al...
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  • Add Specific Permission Messages

    Under review
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    Currently, when permissions fail - the rest API returns 403: Not authorized. The current steps to correct this are:   1. Go to developer.blackboard.com. 2. Use the entitlement spreadsheet, and convert to role p...
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  • Does anyone have the 1.3.10 version of the AutoSignOn tool

    Hi We're trying to achieve single sign on *and deep linking* from an external portal.   I've tried the new version of the autosignon tool which works (SSO) but doesn't support deep links. A few people have ment...
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  • Language toggle button in Open LMS

    Is it possible to have a language toggle button in Open LMS that allows participants to switch between English and French within the same domain? The language setting at the bottom of the site only changes the pre-pro...
    created by rv0077658
  • Can you develop custom reporting (BIRT) building blocks for SaaS sites?

    In the past in Learn 9.1 it was possible to create custom reporting for clients using BIRT / building blocks. It doesn't look like you can install custom building blocks into SaaS sites at all from the admin panel. &#...
    created by mm31375
  • Blackboard Ultra, SAAS, SSO and forward param

    Hi   My organisation is using Blackboard Ultra, SAAS deployment and the users login with SSO. Before Ultra/SAAS we redirected the user to a course after SSO with the parameter forward. Now with Ultra/SAAS this...
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  • Collaborate Ultra record automatically

    In Collaborate original, there are options to automatically, manually or disable recordings when creating sessions.  Will the ability to set recording options be offered in Ultra?   Our Institution has sche...
    created by bh25699
  • REST API error message does not match documentation.

    I am running API GET /learn/api/public/v1/courses/{courseId}/groups   It does not work. My courseId is valid.   I get this error message Access to this resource is prohibited. (,course.VIEW)  ...
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  • About Content Usage Statistics data in DDA

    Hi everyone,   Anyone knows how to find the data about the "content usage statistics" after enable the "statistics tracking" option in the DDA??
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  • Hi all, I have developed a new Building Block which will be made available to several Institutions in the UK. With this Building Block installed, Students will see a range of information for them including their Bursary Balance left, Reading List, Communi

    Hi all, I have developed a new Building Block (Aspire Panel) which will be made available to several Institutions in the UK in a few months time. With this Building Block installed, Students will see a range of inform...
    created by rh0081704
  • Instructor verification issue

    In LTI 1.1,We are able to identify instructor using consumer key(i.e valid lti instructor launch). But LTI 1.3 Blackboard implementation ,how to identify intsructor launch is valid or not? what is the option for con...
    created by rohit
  • Building Block Usage Report

    Does anyone happen to have a SQL query that reports Building Block usage greater than 0 within the past year showing the building block name, date modified, hits in the last year, node, course id, and instructor? ...
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  • Upgrade Your DVM

    Scott Hurrey mentioned this the other day during our Technical Office hours... You can upgrade a 3000.x DVM using the same installer package that you use for a self-hosted system. This blog post will show you how easy...
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  • How to use the job scheduler in a Saas environment ?

    i want to create a Query Scheduler that runs at the same time every day.(in building block) I don't know how because I can't run a query directly in Saas.  Which program or tool should I use?
    created by so0079866
  • B2s using Spring

    Noticed that Spring 5.1.x is supported until the end of 2019 (to be superseded by 5.2.x planned to go GA in September 2019). Should plan to rebuild B2s using Spring with 5.2.x once Spring 5.2.x in GA?
    created by rs0048203
  • The Tool Provider URL must be located on one of the configured host names.

    I have installed 3700.5.0 REST/LTI Developer AMI. I have also registered Provider domain name as lti.abc.com. But when I try to create placement, I received an error "The Tool Provider URL must be located on one of t...
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  • The LTI tool isn't responding properly. Please try again or contact your administrator for help.

    Hi,   When we are trying to launch tool.We are getting followig message response.   Oops, something went wrong.The LTI tool isn't responding properly. Please try again or contact your administrator for help.
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  • Paging: A way forward.

    Paging is a bit tricky with the Blackboard API, and has caused a few bugs in some of our code.  I'd like to take some time to explain why it's tricky, and to provide a way to avoid the same things I ran into....
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