• I've built a Node.js module for the REST APIs

    On a whim today, I decided to build a Node.js module to make interacting with the REST APIs a lot easier. While it's far from complete, the basic functionality is there and published on npm for general use. It should ...
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  • MyMessages B2 WAR file for Q4 2016 posted on OSCELOT

    On behalf of The University of New Mexico Information Technologies http://it.unm.edu, I have posted MyMessages B2 WAR file for Q4 2016 CU6 on OSCELOT https://github.com/OSCELOT/MyMessages MyMessages creates a My Mess...
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  • Useful bbNG taglibs

    Hello, community! I'd like to start this thread to ask you about which and how are you using bbNG taglibs in your building blocks. In our particular case, at eLearning Media, we recently wanted to add a User sear !c...
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  • I've built a new C#.NET library for REST APIs

    I've ported my NodeJS library bb-rest to C#.NET and made some improvements. Thankfully, we are past the dark days of callback hell -- we can now use the await syntax like sane people! It also supports all versions of ...
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  • Job Opportunity - Bryant & Stratton College Online

    Our Design Team at Bryant & Stratton Online is looking to add a new member. We are looking to hire an Instructional Technologist to improve our already growing team. Please reach out to me or click the link below....
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  • Attendance API

    Greetings,   I've been taking a look inside the Blackboard Attendance B2 and I've found some interesting facts. The first one is that is pretty well designed, I like the frontend isolation via react, minimized a...
    Alberto Ruiz
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  • Analogies to explain how integrations work ( B2s, LTI, etc...)

    Hi, I am working with our legal services department on a framework to approve integrations of our learn environment with external 3rd party vendors. Our legal team requires an understanding of how our proposed integ...
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  • upgrading B2 for saas deployment - file permissions

    Current version (Managed Hosting): Q4 2017 CU2 Going to (Saas): Release 3500.0.0-rel.21+b070ffd   We have a custom B2 which provides us functionality to have templates for modules. We then create modules from t...
  • Non-PublicAPI audit

    Hello,   Is there a tool / recommended process (bb-config.properties flag, bb-manifest.xml tag, gradle build flag, etc) for searching out any non-public APIs in use in a custom B2?   Cheers, Andrew
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  • Learning Management System Questions

    Hello, My name is Matthew Hankinson, and I am a graduate student at St. Vincent College.  I am studying Instructional Design and Technology, and for my current class I am to compare a few different learning manag...
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  • TLS1.2 required in SaaS!!

    This is a heads up for everybody using java 6 o 7, (unless you have an extended support contract with Oracle), to integrate with BBLearn in SaaS using the REST API. You'll get a handshake exception since 10-9-18 in th...
    Alberto Ruiz
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  • Copied LTI assignments don't appear in the gradebook

    Hi there, We are making a LTI Tool Provider for embedding content sending ContentItemSelection request with LtiLinkItem which has scoreConstraints as it is in the specification. We want if a course is copied in Black...
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  • user account is required for System Administrator and Developer

    Hi, please give me steps to create account for system administrator and developer. I need to get Virtual machine for developer account.   Regards, M.Vadivelhan +91 7708435395
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  • LTI readResultRequest is returning a null response

    Hello,   We're trying to integrate an existing LTI tool with Blackboard, and we're unable to have grades properly recognized by the AMI Blackboard instance. When we try with either our connector, or with a test t...
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  • Disabling global navigation is ignored in Bb Test pages

    As some of you are probably aware, the University of Groningen uses Blackboard for large scale digital exams. To administer the exams we offer a locked down environment (no access to other courses except the one in wh...
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  • Customize login.jsp and Bootstrap

    Hello BB Community.   I need to customize the Blackboard login page (login.jsp). Basically, I want to make some changes that make look better our Blackboard login page, and of course, these new login page layout...
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  • BbWorld18 or BbWorld19, what did you learn?  Share please!

    Ok, I'm recycling for more learning.  Please share one thing you learned at BbWorld18 or BbWorld19!   I learned about something I sort of knew about, but never seriously considered before: template variable...
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  • First-Time BbWorld Attendee Webinar - Monday, July 9!

    We know big conferences can be a little intimidating and hard to navigate, especially if you have never been before. That’s why this year we are introducing the “First-Time Attendee Webinar” designed...
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  • Custom code for Blackboard form buttons..?

    Hello,   I'm a student at Erie Community College in Buffalo NY, which uses the Blackboard system, especially for the many "online only" classes that are offered. I'm unfamiliar with any parts of BB other than th...
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  • Getting Mark from Blackborad to thrid party Tool

    Hi, There is any web service in blackboard through which i can access the mark from blackboard.
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