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So I am a bit confused. If on January 1 2021 everyone has the Launcher installed then why  would they need Java?
In order to facilitate Collaborate API testing, we have released a Postman collection that is very much click and play. The explains how to use the collection. For more information on or to download Postman, visit the Postman website. Don't forget that you will need to have developer credentials in order to use this. Reach out to… (Show more)
This section is dedicated to getting developers up-to-speed quickly with the new REST APIs available for Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra Experience. These APIs give the developer the ability to programmatically integrate common Collaborate functionality into a web application using the tried and true framework that is REST APIs.   Getting…
Alberto Ruiz
Hi, I'm excited about the possibilities open with this tool.   We already can use the test environment for demos and proofs of concept but, can we offer REST API integrations to our clients?. I have a couple of CSDE waiting for this
Charlie Middleton-Woulfe
Does blackboard log changes made to adaptive release options for a test?  For example, when changes were made and by whom.