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I've been working in a proof of concept application to use LDAP to authenticate users in Blackboard Collaborate using the simplest possible approach. Now I have something working and I want to share it with the community.


First of all I'm not a PHP programmer, so the code you'll see needs a lot of improvement and is not production ready, but I think is enough in order to understand the concept. I've choosen PHP because of the simple LDAP interaction that it has out of the box.


The concept is that you can create a login page that binds the user with the LDAP server, and if the binding is successful then it creates a LTI request with the user data in a unique context and redirect the user to the management interface.


Here you can watch a demo and code walkthrough, (sorry, it is in Spanish, I'll upload an English version as soon as I have enough time) : Demo LDAP-Collaborate - eLearning Media


The code used in the video is available in Github: GitHub - eLearningMedia/LDAP-Collaborate-login: Simple application to manage Blackboard Collaborate sessions and recordi…