Blog Post created by mkauffman on Apr 18, 2017

I'm writing this to announce an upcoming requirement for all Building Blocks (B2s). Currently Blackboard allows the following in a B2's bb-manifest.xml file.

<permission type="" name="&amp;lt;&amp;lt;ALL FILES&amp;gt;&amp;gt;" actions="read,write,delete"/>

The above allows the B2 to write to anywhere on the host file system.


Because of the security implications,  Blackboard is asking all B2 developers to remove that permission from bb-manifest.xml by Q4 2017. We'll be communicating this out here on our Community site, via our Partner Newsletter, in an Announcement on Behind the Blackboard, etc.


Below is a set of permissions that opens up everything in the Blackboard directories. These are almost as 'bad' as <<ALL FILES>> in that they let you overwrite other Blackboard files and content, for example anything in the vi directory, but are far better than allowing changes to any file in the file system. /- indicates every file and directory beneath the specified folder. Once you get your Building Block functioning with the following, then we recommend reducing the set of permissions to only those directories/files that it needs to access, and only those actions that are necessary.


<permission type="" name="${java.home}/-" actions="read"/>

<permission type="" name="BB_HOME/-" actions="read,write,delete"/>

<permission type="" name="BB_HOME/apps/tomcat/temp/-"  actions="read,write,delete" />

<permission type="" name="BB_CONTENT/-" actions="read,write,delete"/>


Here is an option for logging only that is less promiscuous, if your B2 doesn't need to write elsewhere in the BB directories.

<permission type="" name="BB_HOME/logs/-" actions="read,write,delete"/>


Following is a link to sample code that uses logback to write to blackboard/logs/custom and blackboard/logs/plugins/<vendor_id>-<handle>/


blackboard/logs/plugins/<vendor_id>-<handle> is the directory that B2s should be writing to from here on out. It's the only B2-specific directory that makes the B2 specific logs available to the Kibana log visualizer in SaaS.  GitHub - mark-b-kauffman/bbdn-bblogbackb2: Demo the use of Logback to create log files.


Please plan to address this soon so that your Building Block will be able to be installed in Q4 2017 and later.