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We love the idea of the Institution Page, but, we're not in love with the layout. The header is very large and could take up about half the real estate. The ability to use columns to organize the remaining content would be wonderful. It would allow for more content to be displayed. Here's what we created:     This is a great page for us to post… (Show more)
Hello. My name is Adam, and I am a Computer Science major at Northern Illinois University. A friend and I are attempting to write an Android application using Android Studio that displays information about a given user based on Blackboard's REST API.   I have extensively studied the following links while attempting to write this app:… (Show more)
I am looking for a developer who could either develop a building block or help implement the Rest API for a custom course I have that does not work as it should with adaptive release and gradebook. Does anyone have any suggestions for an independent contract I could hire?
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I saw youtube mashup on Blackboard and it is impressive. I would like to code a similar mashup like Youtube. However, I can't find much information online. Does anybody has any sample code or tutorial?
The documentation for extracting grade values with REST says I can identify the columnId via the externalId. I was hoping this would be the same as the name. I could then eliminate the request for all the columns in the course just to find the id of the column I wanted. When that didn’t work, I requested all the information for all the columns.… (Show more)
Hey again BB Community!   I am trying to insert in a few records (this is a test run) into our bblearn database. My code is as follows:   String insertStatement = "INSERT INTO BBLEARN.KSU_KSOT(version) VALUES(?)";… (Show more)
Hi BB Community!   I am trying to pull the version # straight from bb-manifest into one of my B2 java classes for reporting. I've tried all sorts of linking by means of using the File class but cannot seem to provide the correct path. Since it is all being compiled into the same .war file, I know it must be more tricky than that, so I researched… (Show more)
Your REST API admits a parameter called "sessionExitUrl" when creating a new session. We believe that parameter is an url the user will get redirected to when logging out of the session, but we don't see that behaviour (nor any other behaviour at all) on sessions created with a valid url in that parameter. Please help us understand what the… (Show more)
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