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I am looking for a way to call our student information system to lift a sanction on a student upon them completing a quiz and get a pass mark.As this is preferably event based, is there any grade related extension that I can use? I got the idea of using extension from this article Blackboard Extensions and the Submission Service
We'd like to show our building block to a client but we need the machine to be turned on all the time.
The Blackboard Developer Community changes and evolves over time, and yet the community space we all share has not... until now. Blackboard is using Jive Software to power all of our community groups, and we, the Blackboard Developer Community team, jumped at the chance to leverage this powerful social engine to benefit our constituents. We know…
Hi to All, when I develop a Building Block, I'm used to add some dependencies (via Maven) which are required for the compile time and the run time, e. g.: spring-webmvc slf4j commons-lang (or commons-lang3) others... These jars are then put in the "WEB-INF/lib" folder of the packaged WAR file. What I'm wondering is if I can avoid adding… (Show more)
I'm writing this to announce an upcoming requirement for all Building Blocks (B2s). Currently Blackboard allows the following in a B2's bb-manifest.xml file. <permission type="" name="&lt;&lt;ALL FILES&gt;&gt;" actions="read,write,delete"/> The above allows the B2 to write to anywhere on the host file system.… (Show more)
I have a building block that I've deployed to both a test SaaS instance and my local Q4 2017 developer VM, and it includes the permission:   <permission type="" name="BB_HOME/apps/tomcat/temp/-" actions="read,write,delete" />   However, Learn is throwing access denied errors on writing to that folder.   Edited to remove… (Show more)
I had a support case recently to check the Custom Parameters being send from Learn via LTI.  My normal go to is as this works great for testing LTI both as a consumer and provider.   In my case I wanted to test using SSL and have a go with NodeJS.   Borrowing some of the code from the Signup List B2-to-REST Migration it was… (Show more)
After creating Assignments and test they are not displayed in the student todo list?
I'm getting the following error when I attempt to upload my building block.  Does anyone have a clue as to why this would occur?   Error reading 'name' on type blackboard.util.PermissionDisplayBean For reference, the Error IS is 7b33d99f-424a-4918-9ab4-8e874d97d264. Friday, January 12, 2018 2:31:45 PM EST   Any help would be greatly… (Show more)
Hello everyone,   Anyone can advise on how to disable auto-hiding of Course menu? This auto-hiding of course menu is causing difficulty to our instructors especially finding the invisible icon to expand it.     Thanks Jim
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