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Hello every, I am new to B2 development. What is the recommanded way to create and access custom table in BB learn Data base?
Hello, I am building a B2 that needs to know some info about the currently logged in user like name, user name  and role. How can i establish something like this ??? kind regards.
At the University of South Wales we are currently implementing Grades Journey, for anyone going through the same process you will be concentrating on two key areas of work, provisioning and extraction.   The first task for us was provisioning and successfully connecting to the Grade Journey API is the first stepping stone.   Documentation The… (Show more)
I am just getting started with the REST APIs. The list of API endpoints mentions "entitlements" that users need to have (e.g. "system.announcements.VIEW" for getting a list of announcements). Where I can view and update these entitlements? I don't see any option for this in the System Admin panel. Thanks!   ~Peter
Hi all, I'm trying to create calendar items by using REST API in the Postman but it's not working like screenshot. The message is "Required request body is missing: public <1.CalendarItemTOPubV1> 1.CalendarItemsRestServicePubV1.createCalendarItem(1.CalendarItemTOPubV1,) throws ,,",' What am I missing? Thanks in advance for any ideas Thanks,… (Show more)
Just wondering if REST API for Attendance in Learn/Ultra is on the roadmap for the near future?  I looked at what REST APIs were available and it didn’t look like attendance was available yet.
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On Three-legged OAuth | Blackboard Help , there's mention of a 'trusted service' which is capable of the following:   Automatically have a Blackboard Learn site register itself as integrated with that trusted service and not let site admins remove that integration Bypass rate limits and site quotas normally placed on application integrations… (Show more)
Invalid action: refreshAjaxModule. For reference, the Error ID is a324add5-efe7-4a92-a576-c314cb843ed9. Wednesday, October 17, 2018 10:26:09 AM AST   Hello, I am trying to install my newly developed B2 but i am getting this weird error. Any idea How to solve this ?? the logs says the same error nothing more or less. kind regards.
Does anyone use or work with the Login As building block. I know this is owned by Grant Rapids community college and the tool is very handy for looking at a students issue without needing their password. Does anyone have any idea about how to create a widget so that rather than navigating to the web page, we could create a button you just clicked… (Show more)
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