• Download Bb World 19 Session Files

    Does anyone know how you can view/download the uploaded files for the sessions on a regular desktop computer?   I can see them in the app, but I would like to download a couple of them.   Bb DevCon/World 1...
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  • New Quest Opportunity?

    Will there be a new Available Quest/Badge themed to BbWorld2019? Perhaps some points to earn based on activities or participation? I am trying to think of ways to spark participation in Bb Community. It's such a gre...
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  • image alternative text in Photo Gallery App

    How can you add Alt Text to images you've placed in the rotating photo gallery app?
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  • Anyone remember the 2 exemplary course session titles?

    At Bb World 18 there were 2 sessions on Exemplary Courses I find the PowerPoint for 1 but not the other. Does anyone remember the titles (I didn't get a chance to go to Bb World but would like the information)   ...
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  • Are there presentation slides for Product Roadmap: Blackboard Learn session

    I was wondering if their were presentation slides from the Product Roadmap: Blackboard Learn. I saw the slides for the Blackboard Collaborate Roadmap.  When I try to do a search I only come up with the slides fro...
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  • I’m Ultra FABULOUS!!!

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  • como puedo entrar a safe asigment???

    eh querido entrar pero no se como, ya intente con mi ID de la uni y con mi nombre de usuario pero no puedo, alguien sabe que puedo hacer???
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  • trouble shooting tips: how to remove attachment "mark for removal" file, on the assignment page before submission but after saving same as Draft?

    trouble shooting tips: how to remove attachment "mark for removal" file, on the assignment page before submission but after saving same as Draft?my email address is U94004375@tuks.co.za
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  • Activity Director's Calendars

    I need to create a calendar for December. Can anyone give me a website where I can edit and print one without using Microsoft 360. I need to have the calendar ready.
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  • Can I apply grade column properties to multiple columns at a time, or do I have to edit each column individually?

    The defaults in grade columns are different than I like to use.  Is there any way to apply my preferred properties to other columns in a batch process?  Or do I have to edit each column individually?
  • @Katie Desrosiers  Are you going to let us know when you are finished?    

    I just got a new experimental module set up to display links and titles of some of the PDFs and I've got it all figured out.  Now to wait until you're done to get all the docs included!  Will you send out a ...
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  • Will speakers get results of their session survey? If so, when and how?

    I had a panel session and I would love to know our survey results.
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  • Maddeningly mesmeric, moving Member Spotlights

    What do Adam Authier, Matt Deeprose and Ester Muñoz have in common... All are ALL STARS of the Member Spotlight community corner! Want to join this exclusive club? Leave a comment below or PM me, entailing what t...
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  • Bus Schedule?

    Does anyone know what times the busses will be running from the hotels to the conference center and back during the confrence?  I was wondering specifically on Sunday because I get in late Sun afternoon and I thi...
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  • Institutional Pages in SaaS

    I've been hearing some buzz about Institutional Pages coming soon to the SaaS environment and was wondering when this will be released.
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  • Inserting student's name in item description

    I attended a session on maintaining academic integrity with David Halpin. He showed this awesome trick for inserting the student's name in the item description to personalize the honor code (I, Marcus, promise to adhe...
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  • Where are presentation powerpoints?

    Where do we find the presentation files from the Blackboard presenters and others?
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  • Possible scam?

    We've been contacted twice now by someone claiming to be from Blackboard. They are saying that we are owed a refund, but their registration system has changed and they will need the entire credit card number that we u...
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  • Anyone else having trouble opening up the BbWorld17 app?

    I downloaded the app, but when I try to open it I get   "The client application that is requesting to your data is either unrecognized or did not request access to your information in the agreed upon manner....
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  • When the BBWORLD17scheduling app will be ready?

    I've registered for BBWorld and DEVCON 2017, but am wondering  when I will be able to get my schedule together.  Any dates for when the app be ready?
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