• Can a test be gamified?

    Hi, I'm interested in using the test feature to create a live challenge. The idea is that students see the top scores and try to be better.  Example, use a quiz bank to build a short of trivia quiz.  Anyone ...
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  • Fun Ribbons @BbWorld

    This year I am reaching out to the Community to see what funny ribbons you can come up with that we can give away at BbWorld. Rather than just order the generic funny ribbons I thought it would be interesting to see w...
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  • Looking for CEU's?

    If you attended BbWorld this year, you might be eligible for continuing education credits from our partner, Virginia Commonwealth University.   Earn 2 CEU's if you attended BbWorld Earn 3 CEU's if you attended ...
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  • Executive Listening Session – Additional and follow-up questions

    For those that attended the Executive Listening Session at BbWorld, thank you for attending and for asking so many great questions both in advance and during the session itself. While we were able to answer your most ...
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  • What is your BbWorld Alias?

    Resourceful Design Captain is mybbworldalias
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  • BbWorlds From the Past

    I remember a conversation about past BbWorld/Blackboard User Conferences, and Shannon Augustine had put together this list. This predates me - can anyone fill in the blanks or make any corrections?   BbWorld 20...
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  • Visiting Disney on Sunday evening?

    Are there others considering visting Disney World from 5PM - 10:30PM on Sunday 15th?  Specifically Hollywood Studios and the Stars Wars attractions. Only $65 with Ticket Order Form
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  • First-Time BbWorld Attendee Webinar - Monday, July 9!

    We know big conferences can be a little intimidating and hard to navigate, especially if you have never been before. That’s why this year we are introducing the “First-Time Attendee Webinar” designed...
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  • Tips & Tricks for First Time BbWorld Attendees

    As we prepare the First Time Attendee Orientation, we wanted to get some tips and thoughts from you BbWorld veterans. What guidance would you provide to a BbWorld rookie? Anything in terms of navigating the schedule, ...
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  • Full Ride to BbWorld: Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship - May 31 Deadline

    This year, we’re providing a scholarship opportunity to help add more diverse perspectives at our signature conference, DevCon + BbWorld. We are proud to accept nominations for the Diversity Scholarship, which w...
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  • BbWorld18, who do you want to hear from?

    It's that time of year again! We are researching keynote speakers for BbWorld 2018 and want to hear from you! Who do you find inspirational? Do you prefer to hear from someone in the education field? Technology? Both?...
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  • So...I'm in Orlando attending BbWorld...and I...???

    I know, it sounds like the start of a bad joke. Seriously though, I've heard "horror" stories about how little there is to do, within walking distance, in the area(s) surrounding the Orlando World Center Mariott. I've...
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  • Bb World 2018 Panel Discussion - SIS Framework

    Hi, everyone... I wanted to see if there might be any other institutions that might want to participate in a panel discussion about lessons learned when setting up and managing SIS Framework.  If you could pleas...
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  • What types of sessions do you want to see at BbWorld & DevCon?

    Call for presentations is open until February 28th and we are actively receiving great presentations from Community members like you.   With two weeks left to submit, we'd love to hear what you would like to see...
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  • Jenzabar EX and Bb Learn

    Is there anyone in the Bb Community attending Bb World that uses both Jenzabar EX and Bb Learn in combination?  I would like to have a discussion regarding several items my team is working on since the migration ...
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  • Amazon Alexa game for BbWorld New Orleans

    Can you beat Alexa in a game about Blackboard Learn Ultra?   You don't need an Echo speaker to play the game.  If you have an iPhone, just download the Amazon shopping app and use the microphone icon to use...
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  • BBWorld

    If I am in the eLearning world but not currently using Blackboard, is the event worth going to?  Just didn't know if most things were Blackboard application direct.  Seems like it has a lot of non-proprietar...
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  • T-Bug meeting at Bb World 17

    If you are going to attend Bb World 17 and either live in Texas or a neighboring state or wish that you did, please join us for the Texas Blackboard Users Group meeting on Wednesday at 3:30 in room 344.  And, if ...
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  • Something lighter: The BbWorld 2017 Step Challenge

      Back by popular demand! Message me the email address if you're like to join!
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  • Help us do usability testing at BbWorld17—or beyond!

    Want to help improve Blackboard products like Ally, Blackboard Instructor, Blackboard Mobile (Bb Student), Collaborate, or Learn/Ultra? Or maybe you’re interested in sharing your experiences with accessibility, ...
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