Design at #BbWorld19

Blog Post created by stolleb on Jul 24, 2019

“I want to run an empathy map exercise with first-time online instructors.”

“You need to build out this concept, and I won’t take, ‘We will see,’ as an answer!”

“I don’t want students to see the ‘t-word’ [test] until I show it to them.”

“I don’t think that data has a downside.”

“Help me to not need you to help me.”

“In past experiences, products have not been this clear.”


These are just a few things the Blackboard Design Team heard from BbWorld attendees during the first two days of BbWorld 2019.


Group of workshop attendees sitting at tables completing empathy map canvases.


On Tuesday morning, we had fun and discovered rich insights thanks to participants in the workshop on Design Thinking and the Future of EdTech. We’ve also been running a variety of research projects in the UX Lab, so you can shape the Blackboard products you use—whether you have 5 or 25 minutes to spare.



So far, we've run usability tests on complex grading, a Box view replacement and Blackboard Data. Attendees have shared how they use release notes and given feedback on concepts for structuring course curriculum. Your input has helped us understand how to improve feedback in Ultra. We even had to print more forms because so many people stopped by to review and rate concepts illustrating possible future directions for Blackboard!


There's still one more day of BbWorld, and the UX Lab activities change each day. Swing by tomorrow (Thursday) to explore one or more of these topics: 

  • Embedded cloud assessments 
  • Group collaboration in Ultra
  • Discovery and adoption of integrations
  • Blackboard Data workflows and reporting needs
  • Blackboard Help content
  • Future-of-Blackboard concepts
  • Accessible Technology demos


If you haven’t stopped by the UX Lab in Community Live yet, don’t miss it! Even if you’ve already visited, come back again because we’d love your take on a different feature or concept. And don’t forget to sign up for the Design Research Participant Panel, so you can hear about ongoing research opportunities after BbWorld.