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There are three ways to get a free Amazon Alexa device at BbWorld this year.  Anyone can get one, and here is how:


1. Play the BbWorld Alexa game and the winner will receive an Echo Tap.  Download mobile app "MyGame" to participate in the fun: Gamification in Blackboard Learn session at BbWorld17  [ Wed 11:30am room 276 ]

One of the game missions is the Amazon Alexa game for BbWorld New Orleans


2. Build an Alexa Skill, Get a T-Shirt or Echo Dot - Alexa Skills Kit



3. [ this promotion may be back soon ] If you're not into code, you can get a free Echo Dot from Amazon by opening a Business Account.  This is a free account that can be joined with your personal account, or not.  However, Amazon does not give away socks to business people.  Only developers can look cool.

Amazon Business - Create a free account


4. A new promotion for a free Echo and $200 AWS credit is available for students (undergraduate or graduate for all you old folks writing dissertations!):

Calling all university students! Build an Alexa skill, get prizes.


5. Attend Tue session at 12:40pm by Amazon to get a free Echo Dot at the door.


So, to recap.  Got cold feet about coding? Join us for the how-to session and you'll get the socks along with a friend you can actually talk to.  Remember that now students can check their grades with Alexa: My Blackboard – Amazon Alexa Skill | Gamification and Play :: Experience Design for Learning


For anyone who does not want a free Amazon Alexa device, we understand.





Silent Echo

More about Alexa:

Free Amazon Echo at BbWorld.  Get yours and start sweet talking the AI.

From Automatons to Amazon Alexa – the History of Digital Assistants .

Amazon Alexa game for BbWorld New Orleans

Amazon Alexa for Blackboard Learn - BbWorld17 Teaser for Innovation Corner

Digital audio assistants in teaching and learning - Blackboard Blog

Source code: GitHub - OSCELOT/alexaFlashcardsBlackboardGame: Alexa Flashcards Blackboard Game: working version of the unavailable pro…

All right, let's talk about New Orleans.  First, when you get there make sure to attend the conference, a bit.  A few selfies on the vendor floor, make sure to take pictures of crowds in the hallway, and off you go.  Here is your main list:


1. Eat

2. Walk around

3. Let someone guide you


I'd love to see some restaurant and hole in the wall suggestions in the comments.  My recommendation, via Lisa - the best sales rep ever, would be:


     1. Annunciation Restaurant:

     2. Emeril's Restaurant:

     3. Cafe Adelaide:

     4. Mulates:


If you're not hungry here is a list of 10 essential French Quarter bars:


The 12 Essential French Quarter Bars - Eater New Orleans




Once you're done with walking around, try being guided by someone.  This is a great idea, because local people can put a story to the buildings, the food, the graves ... I think some of the cemetery tours, swamp tours, and French Quarter Jazz walking tours look awesome.  You can book through Expedia:

Things to do in New Orleans | Expedia


Finally, if you're not into any of the above, you can rent a car for about $100 a day on Expedia and drive to Empire, LA.  Do it your way, just like in a horror movie.

Google Maps


In conclusion, if my boss is reading this post, I'm just kidding!  Otherwise, I'll see you there.

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