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Ultra Course Template

Blog Post created by Mariann Hawken on Jun 24, 2019

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned our Ultra course template to the SaaS Virtual Group. The template contains a bit of pre-populated content for faculty to use or reference. Here are a few screenshots  of what our template looks like and how we push it out to courses.


We have 2 folders in the master template for an Ultra course:

  • Start Here, which contains a link to our e-learning resources
  • Syllabus & Course Information, which contains an instructor page to fill out & the academic integrity statement



The instructor can replace the image placeholder and fill out the recommended pieces of the profile:



We use CourseArc for our e-learning resources.



Our template also includes an Ask the Professor discussion board, which the instructor can choose to enable.



Finally, our template includes a Total Points Earned column using calculations, which can be customized by the instructor.



Copying the template:




  1. Select the template -- we distinguish our Ultra template from the regular template with _ux at the end (e.g., MT_term_ux)
  2. Click the action arrow for the template’s menu and choose COPY
  3. Select Copy into New Course
  4. Apply the new courseID and select all content
  5. After the course is created, rename and enroll the instructor




  1. Create flat file with new field “template_course_key” -- for example:


HGWT101_1001_SU2019|HGWT101_1001_SU2019|History of Magic (01.1001) SU2019|MT_SU2019_ux

  1. Run flat file via SIS integration