Blog Post created by tjatkin on May 15, 2019

Over the past 2-plus years, I’ve had the great opportunity to serve as Blackboard’s first Chief Client Officer. As we created this role, I travelled the world to meet many of you and serve as a liaison and advocate for all of you as we focused on improving your experience and improving our products to meet your needs. While there’s always room for improvement, I’m proud of the strides we’ve made.  All of our progress has been, and will continue to be, guided by your candid and thoughtful feedback and insights.


With the recent sale of the Transact business, we took the opportunity to reassess the focus and alignment of responsibilities within our leadership team. I’ve been asked to immediately assume the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) role at the company, driving transformation of the internal business processes and systems used by the entire Blackboard team in our efforts to support you, our valued clients.


Increasingly, our ability to drive transformation in our internal systems and business processes has become of strategic importance.  Improvements in business processes, increased automation, and system simplification will enable us to work smarter, achieve greater efficiencies, and free up capacity to invest in ways that improve the way we work together and support you.


With this new focus for me, I wanted to introduce you to Lee Blakemore, who has been in senior leadership roles at Blackboard since 2015 and will now take on the additional role of Chief Client Officer (CCO).  Many of you may know Lee, who already spends a great deal of time with clients around the world and drives improvements in your experience through the operations of his team. The addition of the CCO title leverages Lee’s experience driving sales and the client experience and aligns with his focus as Blackboard’s President of Global Client Operations and Success (GCOS), which includes Global Client Support, Consulting and SaaS Migrations, Cloud Services and Hosting. 


Thank you for the work you do within the education community globally.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know many of you in my CCO role and expect that our paths will cross again wearing my CAO hat. I know you’ll be in good hands with Lee!