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Blog Post created by tjatkin on Apr 3, 2019

Two years ago this week Kathy Saville started the SaaS Virtual Group. Kathy envisioned this group to enable clients to collaborate, share their experiences on SaaS, and learn from one another. We had about 160 clients on SaaS at the time and the first SaaS Virtual Group meeting had 24 people in attendance.


This program has grown since then. A LOT!


In the past two years, over 235 people have participated in the Virtual Group. And Dennis Hood from Princeton recently created a dedicated SaaS listserv to continue the conversation between meetings.


We now have over 530 clients on SaaS (and more migrating each week). Thanks to Kathy’s leadership, the enthusiasm and support across the Community, and the global growth of our SaaS users as this program has expanded to support clients in the Asia Pacific region. And we are now looking to expand this program to Europe as more clients move to SaaS in that region as well.


This program is a shining example of partnership and the power of the Blackboard Community supporting one another in a continuously changing landscape.


If you are on SaaS, or looking to move to SaaS this year, I encourage you to join. Happy 2 Year Anniversary!