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Blog Post created by tjatkin on Oct 26, 2018

I recently shared a review of the work we’ve done across Blackboard this past year guided by the 2017 Annual Client Satisfaction Survey. We’re now working with the insights from the initial report of our 2018 survey results.


Today, I want to highlight this year’s results, in comparison with 2017, as well as how we are using your feedback to inform and guide our efforts as we look to 2019 and beyond.


We used the same independent partner to conduct the web-based survey and perform sophisticated statistical analyses on the results. The survey was sent out to clients globally in 3 languages – English, Spanish and Portuguese. It included a cross section of stakeholders (including executives, IT staff, instructional designers and educators) across Higher Education, K-12, Business and Government. We used the same questions as last year to enable year-over-year trend analyses and comparison.


What stayed the same?


What’s Most Important to You: The areas that are most important to you remained consistent from last year:

  • Ease of using products and services
  • Adoption of products and services within your institution
  • Value your institution receives from products and services of the price paid
  • Quality of products and services

We will continue to prioritize these areas and invest time and resources to ensure we are making improvements.


What changed since a year ago?


Client Participation & Engagement: This year over 2,500 individuals responded to the survey, up 20 percent from last year (and last year was 15 percent higher than the year before). The increase in the number of clients providing feedback is so positive to us because your insights are critical.


The Faculty View: We improved in a year-over-year comparison in virtually every category in the survey responses from faculty. There are several areas in which faculty survey responses indicated significant improvement:

  • Blackboard Is a strategic partner/extension of your institution
  • Blackboard is committed to the success of your students
  • Blackboard helps your institution anticipate, influence and adapt to the future
  • Blackboard is a resource for discussing and addressing your institution’s day-to-day challenges


We are encouraged by these results, and we know we need to continue to make improvements in our efforts to support and enable faculty as they focus on student success.


New Areas of Importance: While the areas that were most important to you remained the same, there were some additional areas you highlighted as more important to you today than they were a year ago.

  • Blackboard thought leadership within the education sector

We recognize this is critical for us to be a true Partner in Change. We also know this must be a dedicated and focused effort. To that end, a few months ago we established a Chief Learning and Innovation Officer position reporting directly to our CEO. Phill Miller has taken on this important role to focus on our understanding of the needs of the education community, regional differences, forward-looking trends and how these inform our work on our EdTech platform and portfolio. More to follow on this as we focus on it in the coming months!

  • Resolve non-technical questions/problems

While faculty survey input showed improvements in virtually all areas of performance, this was highlighted by faculty as an area of increased importance today, and thus will be a key focus for our teams.

  • Interaction with client team

The results showed a clear increase in importance for you across multiple facets of your interaction with your Blackboard client team: frequency of interaction, availability and consistency of the client team. We believe this reflects the value of being a true partner. We will continue to focus on improvements here.


We Did Better: In my recent blog, I reflected on the last year and in several areas we were pleased to see that you told us we are doing better than we were a year ago: (1) ease of doing business with Blackboard (2) proactive communications and (3) migrations and upgrades. While you provided positive feedback in these areas, we know we still have more work to do and many of you provided specific feedback in the survey that will guide us.


What’s next?


Last week we gathered the top 100 Blackboard leaders from around the world. We spent three days planning for next year and beyond and your feedback helps us to prioritize and inform our efforts.


We are committed to being transparent with the results of our survey, our areas of focus, and our progress along the way so we can continue to build your trust as a partner.