Are You In? 3 Ways to Give Back to the Education Community

Blog Post created by tjatkin on Feb 14, 2018

To me, being part of a diverse and passionate education community is the best part of Blackboard.  Through our Community site and Community programs users come together to network, share ideas and best practices, and help each other innovate.


To recognize the thought leaders in our Community, Blackboard offers various opportunities to share the good work that your institution, a colleague, or you are pursuing.


Please considering taking advantage of these opportunities below.


BbWorld 2018 Call for Presentation – Wednesday, February 28 deadline

BbWorld 2018 will focus on trends in teaching and learning, the student experience, analytics, institutional change, accessibility, employability, and community engagement in partnership with you.


Presenting at BbWorld is a great way to network, share the work being done by you and your institution (and can be a great resume addition!). An added benefit - presenters receive a discounted rate on registration. Submit a proposal!


Catalyst Awards – Friday, March 9 deadline

We think of the Blackboard portfolio as more that a set of classrooms or learning tools – we are focused on creating an ecosystem to help solve today’s education issues. And we want to highlight client successes and raise awareness throughout the educational industry by celebrating achievements and milestones.


Catalyst Awards recognize accomplishments in the following areas: (1) leading change; (2) community engagement; (3) teaching & learning; (4) inclusive education; (5) optimizing the student experience; (6) training and professional development; and, (7) student success.


Please consider sharing how you and your colleagues work every day to redefine what is possible when leveraging technology – it deserves recognition and being highlighted. Submit a nomination for yourself, a  team or a colleague!


MVP Nominations Friday, March 9 deadline

MVP's are Blackboard Champions from around the world who are engaged and dedicated Blackboard clients who are active and helpful in the community. If you are interested in becoming a Blackboard MVP, or have a colleague in mind who exemplifies the qualities of an MVP, please submit a nomination form today.


In the comments below, share “I’m in” – or a story from how you’ve given back previously and what you gained from that experience - and encourage others to give back as well.


Photo: Peter Gowen (NIU), Stephanie Richter (NIU), Tim Atkin (Bb), Bill Ballhaus (Bb)