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I have an instructor asking why the student time in the course is different that the student activity by item in the course when running the Student Overview for Single Course.  Does anyone know why when the reports breaks them down by item that are not matching the total time listed for the student?

UPDATE: The Google Chrome team is postponing the changes until version 80.   There isn't a release date for version 80 yet but based on their release cadence, it could be available in January.    On October 22, 2019, Google Chrome will release version 78 of Chrome to users which removes key functions that may impact a
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We had this semester several complaints from students that attempted to upload files on assignments, their main complaint was that the upload screen was frozen, when in reality it was working, but as their files were huge (in the case of hundreds megabytes) they perceived the screen as frozen.   To avoid this kind of user perception we need