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New to Blackboard and looking for direction on solving following requirement. (sorry if these are very basic questions or not the right terminologies)   We have a custom application to assign projects to students. We need to list these projects inside Blackboard. So when the student is logged in to Blackboard, they can see the projects

We understand that preparing for a Learn upgrade or making the move to the Ultra experience for Learn requires thoughtful planning, preparation, and support. That’s why we’re excited to offer cohort programs that can provide you with valuable information and best practices to ensure your success.   Our cohort programs consist of
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Is there a way to retrieve the number of unique user logins within a time frame? We are using Learn 9.1 (MH) and we are trying to find a way to accurately track the number of unique users each semester in Blackboard against our number of enrolled users.   The Authentication Logs in the Sys Admin panel are useless for what I am trying to