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  Please RSVP by Friday, July 14th.   If you have any questions, please comment below or send an email to   We look forward to celebrating with you and will miss all those in the Community who are not able to attend BbWorld this year!

I have an Educational Technologist that keeps getting a java string error when trying to access a video in an instructor's course.  The video was created using our Kaltura Mashup, which in all other cases, it works flawlessly.    The weird thing is, she only gets it when she uses her admin account, it works fine for her regular
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Hi Guys,   I developed a offline JSF/Primefaces application and it's working. When i install the same project, including the blackboard needed files (manifest and etc.), it install just fine. But when i try to access it, it just redirect me to the administrator panel. The url of the b2 is correct (it's getting the /faces/index.xhtml as it
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Hello everyone!   Does anyone have a manual/guide/wiki for new Blackboard help desk employees that you are willing to share or provide information about?  I'm looking for a reference guide to help new and inexperienced help desk employees learn to answer common faculty Blackboard questions and resolve common Blackboard issues.