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Currently we are looking at two options for our integration with Banner going forward First we are looking at the Ellucian Product ILP. Second we are looking into building our own integration using the RESTful apis. I am curious if anyone has used the API to build an SIS integration and what their thoughts were.   I would also be interested

Hi All   I had not noticed any posts about this so far.  We were very surprised to find that the behaviour of "non-immediate" announcement emails has changed in 2018 Q2.   Today we installed 2018 Q2 on a dev server (self-hosted RHEL/Oracle) and as part of our post upgrade test we checked the announcement feature, both with "Send a
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We're mid-year... Teacher adds a new content folder.  It is added to Course Content without a problem.  However it appears at the BOTTOM of the list of folders.  Students have given feedback that they prefer new material to appear at the TOP of the list/page.  Is there a way to configure this to be the default behavior? I know