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I have used the free Coursesites environment for many years. I just switched to the new environment that went live June 27. I've imported a course previously built in the old Coursesites. Everything looks great. One problem: there doesn't seem to be a way to invite students to the course. I've made the course available, and I even created a

On a whim today, I decided to build a Node.js module to make interacting with the REST APIs a lot easier. While it's far from complete, the basic functionality is there and published on npm for general use. It should only be used in application code (since it requires the key and secret to work).   Would anybody using Node.js care to do some
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We are a classic Learn SaaS installation.  I have been using APIs to retrieve information from our installation for some time.  Now I need to post course items in multiple courses each semester.  I would like to automate this process using REST APIs.  For example: These items need to appear at the top of the opening page in