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(This post is meant to serve as an update to the prior post in December 2017)   To provide as much information and transparency as possible, we held several webinars on February 15th and February 21st to provide updates to clients across multiple markets on the status of changes to the New Box View service (recording available here). 

I am sure there is an easy way to build it in Pyramid, but I'm not figuring it out. Has anyone built a Pyramid report that allows the user to select two courses (they should be able to select any first course they want and then select any second course they want) and a specific term, and see success counts and rates (earned C or better or not) for
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Here is a dilemma we face.  We have a small number of students that are concurrently enrolled in two different courses, ie Education and Arts degrees.  Because in this case it is not a double degree, the Student appears in Analytics reports as No SIS Match.  Is this likely to be fixed in future upgrades/versions or is this just an
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Hello.   May be someone can help me. I have a LTI token from a blackboard site and C#, I have the secret and all inputs. But I can´t validate it. I'm using OAuthUtility CodePlex Archive downloaded from Nuget.   request.HttpMethod is POST   string signatureBase = OAuthUtility.GenerateSignatureBase(request.HttpMethod,