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This announcement was made today through Behind the Blackboard. Please share any questions, comments or feedback below. +++ Based on significant global client feedback, the mobile applications, Bb Student and Bb Instructor, will receive new names.  Bb Student will become “Blackboard”, and Bb Instructor will become

  Please RSVP by Friday, July 14th.   If you have any questions, please comment below or send an email to   We look forward to celebrating with you and will miss all those in the Community who are not able to attend BbWorld this year!
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A bug report was issued yesterday entitled, Blackboard Learn Stores Users Credentials in the Browser.  Essentially, after accessing a course and then logging out, one can get back into Blackboard by simply clicking the browser's back button.  Article link below.  I was not able to replicate this in 3 different browsers.  From
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Teachers are often involved in teaching multiple courses in a single teaching period and most often these are similar or connected topics. There are often cases where the same news or materials would be useful to more than one course. It would be great if some of the tools allowed the option to post a message or item to more than one course at the