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How to make Blackboard send a notification message when a course is completed? Here is the purpose for that. For example, we have a user/user group or even an application, that monitors the classes that students can enroll in. When each enrollee finishes a course, the interested people/system monitoring the course will know that someone finished

Hello,   I am preparing to install the York Data Source Key Tool v.2.2.2 on Q4 2016.   I have contacted Kelvin Hai at York who told me that they are still on Q4 2015 and recommended posting here to confirm this 3rd party building block works correctly with Q4 2016.   If anyone has successfully tested the York Data Source Key Tool
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I'm a student at Baker College and have been suffering with a broken grades section for over a year now. Something went awry with it in Fall 2015, and now the formatting is completely broken and defaults to some kind of funky failsafe. When this failure occurs, it is impossible to scroll through grades. Also, the header of the page completely