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Bb Q2 2017 displays 5 decimals in a calculated column. The instructor should be allowed to adjust the number of displayed decimals and it should default to 2.

(This post is meant to serve as an update to the prior post in December 2017)   To provide as much information and transparency as possible, we held several webinars on February 15th and February 21st to provide updates to clients across multiple markets on the status of changes to the New Box View service (recording available here). 
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We licensed Bb Collaborate a number of years ago - it was done outside of our department with grant money. The end result of a 5 year contract in which $300k was spent...years 1 and 2, we didn't even know we had it. Years 3-5 we got some adoption but in the end, the product was really bad, just did not work well at all and was deemed a total loss.