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(this post is a continuation from my prior post in September 2018)   Time for another update on this topic! This month's update will be short but juicy, so let's dive in:   Addition of 'Comment Summary' to Annotated PDF Downloads When we rolled out the 'download PDFs with annotations' capability, one of the pieces of feedback we

I want to know what a particular student in my class sees when logging in to Blackboard. I don't want the generic student view ... If my student's name is John Smith, I want to see exactly what John Smith would see (his test scores, etc). How do I do this?
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I've been doing some testing on creating Group Discussions on the space and even though I can add discussions or responses via the responsive site accessed via my mobile's web browser, I can't seem to get access to the same Group Discussion area whilst in the app (Blackboard or Instructor)   Is this a know thing? Is there any