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We will be meeting in a different Collaborate room starting March 5, 2019. Please join the weekly discussion using either one of these two addresses:   URL Short: URL Long: Anonymous Dial In: 571-392-7650 PIN: 784 627 1123

When you set a test availability exception that lets 1 or more select students see a test that is otherwise hidden to students, the message that the test is hidden to students disappears from the instructor’s view.   This likely happens anytime adaptive release or some other function differs with the overall availability exception on
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We have tried many times to find a way to take the option for Force Completion off test options, but we can't. Typically what teachers think they are doing when they click this option is Auto Submit. Force completion SOUNDS like something they want - finishing in one sitting - but what it REALLY means is that if the internet cuts out for half a