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Just curious to see how many people still aren't on SaaS

Need some help  determining what the 'Internal" designation means under Data Source Key. I have this user in my system, but can't make this user unavailable. It has a full system administrator role. Thanks!
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We're mid-year... Teacher adds a new content folder.  It is added to Course Content without a problem.  However it appears at the BOTTOM of the list of folders.  Students have given feedback that they prefer new material to appear at the TOP of the list/page.  Is there a way to configure this to be the default behavior? I know
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Scott Hurrey mentioned this the other day during our Technical Office hours... You can upgrade a 3000.x DVM using the same installer package that you use for a self-hosted system. This blog post will show you how easy that is, after a brief plug for our office hours. If you've not attended, office hours a great way to get answers to your questions